GPO: Borj’s Armor

One of the gear sets you can acquire in GPO is Borj’s Armor, but you first have to defeat Borj, who is in the Thriller Bark.

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is an adventurous video game in which gamers can experience simulation and role-playing elements.

You can discover hidden islands across the ocean, challenge powerful bosses, and scavenge treasures and exotic fruits known to empower those who eat them. In this game, your path is your own to create.

The only way to enjoy this game is by playing it on the Roblox platform, as it is a Roblox video game. As you progress in the game, you can acquire varying types of armour and gear sets, and one of these is Borj’s Armor. However, you can only get it by defeating Borj, who is a powerful boss.


Borj is one of the bosses in Thriller Bark, which is an Island in the Second Sea. This boss can be quite challenging to defeat, as he has 25 000 health points. During the fight, he can deal up to 75 mouse 1 (M1) damage.

There is a possibility that he could already have been defeated when you enter his room, but he respawns every 10 minutes. It is recommended that your character is at least on level 425 before you attempt to defeat Borj.

The main reason why players attempt to defeat Borj is for the chance to get the Knight’s Gauntlet, Borj’’s Armor, and Borj’s Soul.

GPO: Borj’s Armor

Borj’s Armor is a Legendary Armor Accessory that can only be secured by defeating Borj. It gives GPO players an additional 105 health points, along with a health and stamina regeneration point. This armour set also has a 5 percent strength multiplier.

GPO: Borj's Armor
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It is worth keeping in mind that the level requirement to trade Borj’s Armor is level 475. Trading is a core game feature that is used by players to exchange fruits, accessories, and weapons. All trading takes place in the Trading Hub, which is a branch off of the Universal Hub.

In order to get Borj’s Armor, you have to defeat Borj. Fortunately, you can defeat him in a party, as a solo player, or within a duo. Bear in mind that the solo and duo options follow the same strategy, while the group option’s strategy varies significantly.

For the duo and solo player options, it is advisable that you position the boss slightly underneath the chandelier. When Borj teleports to you, he will crash into the chandelier instead, which cancels all his attacks.

This allows you to attack him without getting hit. Having a friend use attacks like Golden Staff’s Golden Sweep, or Elo’s Hammer’s Pounding Festival on Borj can help him block Borj, as it blocks reeks and keeps him in one place.

If you are attempting this battle as a solo player, baiting blocks with M1s can help, but it is less effective. Theoretically, this can work with any ranged attack that does not deal knockback and can hit the enemy without direct line-of-sight.

Group strategy

As previously mentioned, you can attempt to defeat Borj either in a group or as a solo player. It is worth noting that the group strategy requires friends and a Magu or Pika user.

Once your party has entered the room, you should place the boss in the corner of a bookshelf to prevent him from escaping your attacks.

Then, the Pika or Magu user should use their Magma Rain or Jewels of Light while the other members of the party spam their moves on Borj. This can be repeated until he is defeated so that you can receive the rewards.


In addition to Borj’s Armor, players can earn Borj’s Soul and the Knight’s Gauntlet. Each of these rewards have unique effects, which are explained in the table below:

Item Effect
Knight’s Gauntlet It is a unique Legendary weapon that scales off of strength rather than sword mastery. The chances of receiving this item are approximately 1 percent
Borj’s Soul It is an Uncommon item that has a 50 percent chance of dropping from Borj. Its only purpose is to spawn Moria, The Shadow King

Thriller Bark

Thriller Bark is an island in the Second Sea, and it is located North from Foro Island. You can find it between East and North East of the Desert Kingdom.

GPO players should note that its minimum level requirement is level 325, so you should first level up your character before exploring this island.

You will get the opportunity to purchase Vel’s Lantern and the Thriller Bark Eternal Pose for approximately 5000 Peli on this island. In addition to Borj, you can defeat Ryuma and Gecko Moria.

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