GPO: Brook

In GPO, gamers can defeat various monsters, including the Soul King, who only spawns over weekends.

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is an exciting video game that enables players to immerse themselves in a fictional world. In this game, you can challenge difficult bosses, discover treasures, and explore the world while competing with other gamers.

It is worth noting that you can only enjoy the game on the Roblox Platform, since it is a Roblox game.

While you advance in the game, there are several activities and enemies you can defeat. Keep in mind that your character has to be on a certain level before you can enjoy an activity or attempt to defeat a boss.

One of the bosses you can find in the game is the Soul King, sometimes referred to as Brook. He is located in the Second Sea.

Second Sea

The Second Sea exists on a different server than the First Sea. Players can visit the Second Sea by opening the gates at the Reverse Mountain, which is South West of Marine Base G-1. Some of the bosses, locations, and zones you can find in the Second Sea are:

Name Recommended level
Desert Kingdom Level 325
Spirit Island Any
Soul King’s Ship Any
Thriller Bark Level 325
Rough Waters Level 325
GPO: Brook
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GPO: Brook

GPO‘s Soul King is a Second Sea boss that only spawns on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 06:00 in the morning and 18:00 at night. He is equipped with his personal cane-sword, and he uses the Yomi-Yomi no Mi in battle.

The Yomi-Yomi No Mi is an Epic Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that enhances the user’s soul to the point where they can manipulate it and use soul-based moves.

They are generally extremely light and energised, and they can feed off of the energy of others. They also give off a frozen aura around them when they are awakened.

The boss is surrounded by Skeleton Pirates, but they will not respawn once they are defeated. Players should note that the Soul King can spawn in 2 forms, the normal version and the Rockstar version. However, the latter only has a 10 percent chance of spawning.

GPO: Brook
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When the boss spawns, a message will be displayed on the screen for every player in the game to see. The message reads, “The Soul King performs once more, he will depart in 30 minutes.”

The spawn location is then indicated by a pale green circle pulsing outward from his ship. He will de-spawn after 30 minutes, or when someone defeats him.

When he is defeated, another global message will appear, which reads, “The Soul King dies once more, his ship will sink soon.” The boss will then disappear until the next day, or until the next week.

Soul King’s skills

Although there are 2 versions of the Soul King, they both use the same set of skills, which are highlighted in the following table.

Skill Description
Freezing Tune The boss deals an area-of-effect attack that the guard breaks and freezes the opponent.
Siuk King’s Roar He raises his hand to summon a green skull, which is placed on the ground. After this happens, a green soul with a skull for a head will rise and utter a block-breaking scream.
Soul Assault The Soul King ejects his soul from his body to send out a flurry of blockable kicks. The skill ends with a block-breaking roundhouse kick to the chest.
Drawing Song The boss holds his cane to his face, and then teleports to his opponent and performs 3 block-breaking slash.
Soul Parade He raises his sword up in a defensive position. If hit while doing this, he will freeze the opponent inside a block of ice, which stuns them for a long period of time.


As previously mentioned, the Soul King has 2 forms, though this does not affect his skills, only his appearance and potential rewards. The table below lists some of the rewards you will earn for each version:

Soul King version Reward name Description
Normal Soul King’s Outfit A legendary outfit worn by the Soul King. It can be used with other armour pieces
Normal Soul King’s Top hat An Epic top hat worn by the Soul King
Rock Star Soul King’s Top hat An Epic Crown of a rising rockstar
Rock Star Soul King’s Rockstar Outfit A Legendary outfit worn by Rockstar Soul King

Battle mechanics

The fight against the Soul King is allegedly not too difficult, however, it is recommended that you have a large group of people with Kraken and Sea Beast cores. This will enable you to defeat the Soul King very easily.

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