How much Robux is Grand Piece Online?

Players have to pay approximately 250 Robux to gain access to the long-awaited game, Grand Piece Online.


Grand Piece Online (GPO) is a long-awaited Roblox game that allows gamers to experience simulation and adventure features.

You can discover the hidden islands across the ocean, challenge powerful bosses, and scavenge for treasure and exotic fruits known to empower those who eat them. In this game, your path is your own to create.

Players should take note that the only way they can enjoy the game is by playing it on the Roblox platform. Furthermore, you will have to download the application and create an account to play the game. Most players have to add funds to their Robux wallet before they can play Grand Piece Online.

What is Robux?

Robux is a virtual currency that players can use to purchase items on the Roblox platform. It is worth noting that Robux can only be acquired by purchasing it with real-life money.

For this reason, players should be aware of websites or third-party applications that offer free Robux or Robux codes, as they are not very credible.

There is thus no such thing as a Robux Generator. Any person, website, or third-party application that offers free Robux should be reported.

Players can only purchase Robux from the mobile application, the website accessed from a browser, and Xbox One versions of Roblox. Accounts with a Premium membership receive a monthly Robux stipend.

How much Robux is Grand Piece Online?

As stated before, you have to add funds to your Robux wallet if you are interested in playing Grand Piece Online. This is because the game costs approximately 250 Robux and you need to pay it before you can gain access to the game.

Grand Piece Online
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To purchase Robux, you can either make a once-off payment or subscribe for a premium membership. You need to go to the Robux section, which can be found in the main menu of the game. Here you can select how much Robux you want.

The following table lists the prices and how much Robux you will receive:

Price Amount of Robux for a once-off payment Number of Robux for a premium subscription
$4.99 400 450 per month
$9.99 800 1000 per month
$19.99 1700 2200 per month

Once you have made your choice, you can enter your payment details and complete the purchase. The Robux will automatically be added to your account, which means that you can purchase Grand Piece Online instantly.

Is Grand Piece Online worth the money?

Since its release, many players have wondered whether the game is worth buying. It is believed that the game is of higher quality than most games on the Roblox platform, however, it lacks content and it features many bugs.

It is thus recommended that gamers who are interested in playing Grand Piece Online wait until the game’s developers have released additional content and have fixed the majority of problems currently being experienced.

The game may go through updates frequently, which simply means that the developers are adding content and fixing issues.

How to get Devil Fruit

Devil Fruits are mysterious items that offer players unique skills when eaten, at the cost of being unable to swim. They are generally found under trees on the map. The following table lists the different types of Devil Fruit, and their drop rate:

Type of fruit Drop rate
Common fruit 69.5 percent
Rare fruit 26 percent
Legendary fruit 4 percent
Mythical fruit 0.5 percent

On Logia Weekends, Legendary and Mythical fruits have double the drop and spawn rates. Which means that their drop rates are 8 percent and 1 percent, respectively.

What are codes?

Similarly to other Roblox games, Grand Piece Online occasionally releases codes that players can use to get free items, premium currencies, or bonuses, amongst other things.

Players should, however, pay attention to where they receive the codes from as some might not be valid. You should only trust codes that the official developers released.

Once you have received a code, you can activate it by going to the settings window and entering the code at the bottom of the window.

Final thoughts

Players can experience role-playing and adventure elements in this well-renowned game, Grand Piece Online (GPO).

There are various activities that you can participate in, such as exploring hidden islands, scavenging for treasures, and eating exotic fruits. It is believed that you can create your own path in the game.

To gain access to the game, players have to pay approximately 250 Robux. The only way you can acquire Robux is by purchasing it with real-life money on the official Roblox platform.

That being said, players should be wary of third-party applications and websites that claim they offer free Robux.

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