Evony: Undead Invasion

The Undead Invasion is one of the events in Evony: The King’s Return that allows players to put their defence strategies to the test.

Players are invited to take on the role of a lord or a lady in this thrilling video game, Evony: The King’s Return. Since it is based on the popular video game, Evony, you will enjoy similar mechanics, gameplay, and content.

The game takes place in a fictional world in medieval times in which you have to build your empire from the ground up.

The game offers a variety of activities and gaming modes for players to enjoy. This means that you can battle against other players in the player-versus-player (PvP) mode, gather resources, participate in special events, and complete quests, amongst others.

Why are activities and events important?

According to research, having an array of activities in a game offers players diverse content, which increases the chances that many different people find something they like in the game, and as such, it is highly likely that they will play the game more frequently.

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In-game events are there to attract players and motivate them to play the game for longer periods of time. During an event, players can receive rare and desirable items that are not regularly available in the general game.

Some of the activities will be locked when you first start playing the game but, luckily, you can unlock them once you have met the necessary requirements. This is another way to motivate you to play the game for longer periods of time.

Evony: Undead Invasion

One of the weekly events you can join in Evony is the Undead Invasion. Allegedly, it is a training exercise that tests how much power and how many attacks you can defend in a real battle.

The Undead Invasion has 20 waves of artificial controlled (AI) enemies, which means it is a player-versus-environment (PvE) gaming mode.

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If you manage to kill more than 50 percent of the enemies, you pass the round. Keep in mind that each round increases in strength, power, and statistics. The attack will automatically stop once you have lost 2 rounds with less than 50 percent kills.

The Undead Invasion is an Alliance event, which means that you will receive points for your Alliance for every round that you win. Players have the chance to receive great rewards if their Alliance has a good ranking.

However, there are also individual rewards determined by individual scores. Potential rewards include, but are not limited to gems, speed ups, Alliance Points, and Dragon Crystals.

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When does the event start?

As mentioned above, the Undead Invasion is a weekly event, and it occurs during the weekend. It usually starts at 8:00 server time. Players can see the exact starting time in the Event Center. Only players who are rank 4 or rank 5 can start the event.

Your Alliance will skip the event if nobody starts it. The person who starts the event can choose where the Undead waves start from. Once the event has started, it cannot be paused or stopped and will thus continue until the Alliance has lost, or the waves are completed.

Undead Invasion rules

There are certain rules that must be followed for the event to be successful. The Undead will march on your Alliance once the event has started. The more you kill, the higher your scroll will be. Every city can only defend up to 20 marches.

Players should note that the Undead will not loot or gather any items or resources, but they may defeat some of your troops. Moreover, the truce agreement will not work during this event.

It is worth noting that your Subordinate Cities do not participate in the event, and you will not receive any rewards if you quit your Alliance or join a new Alliance during the event.

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How to defend your keep during the Undead Invasion

With regard to how you defend your keep during the event, there are some factors that can increase your chance at success. It is recommended that you place your best defence General, equipped with the correct gear, on the wall.

Furthermore, you should recall all your troops from gathering. That being said, all your troops should be at maximum health before the event starts.

You should activate healing, known as Medicine Crown, as it will reduce your troops’ healing times in the hospital. If you realise that you may lose a wave, you can ask for reinforcements from your Alliance members.

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Final thoughts

Evony: The King’s Return is a popular mobile game that allows players to assume the role of either a lord or a lady. As the game’s name suggests, it is based on the classic video game, Evony.

You can thus experience similar content, gameplay, and mechanics. The game takes place in an imaginative world in medieval times, where you have to build your empire from the ground up.

The game has a variety of activities and events that you can enjoy, one of which is the Undead Invasion.

This event allows players to test their defence strategies while fighting 20 waves of undead enemies. Since this is an Alliance event, you have to be in an Alliance to participate in it.

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