Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Does invasion count towards camos

If you defeat player-controlled enemies during an Invasion in Modern Warfare 2, it will count towards a camo challenge.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (MW2) is a 2022 first person shooter game, and it functions as the sequel to the 2019 reboot. It is the nineteenth installment in the Call off Duty franchise. Similarly to its predecessor, MW2 takes place in a realistic and modern setting.

The game’s main story follows British Special Air Service (SAS) forces as they team up with numerous other countries’ military members to locate a terrorist.

In addition to completing the main story, you can enjoy an array of activities and game modes. One of the game modes is Invasion, however, many players have wondered if it counts toward the camo challenges.

What is Invasion?

Invasion is a brand new large-scale 20-versus-20 mode that offers players a calmer competitive experience. Although you will be fighting other MW2 players, every team has 20 artificial intelligence bots.

When you start playing in the mode, you will be dropped onto a map, and you must attempt to be the last one standing. However, you also have to reach a score of 2 000 points before the match timer runs out.

The score system is important, as kills are counted differently based on whether you killed a player-controlled enemy or an AI enemy. You earn 5 points when you defeat an enemy, but only 1 point when you defeat an AI.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Does invasion count towards camos

There are multiple weapons that you can procure while progressing in MW2, but you can customise your weapons according to your liking by equipping camos. Unlocking camos for weapons has become a standard part of the multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Does invasion count towards camos
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To unlock a camo, you have to complete a challenge. MW2 has various challenges for each type of weapon, and therefore, you have to grind a lot to unlock all camo types.

Some challenges simply require that you kill enemies, while others require players to crouch or soot enemies from a distance. Some of the camo challenges and their specifications are:

Challenge Specification
Assault Rifle
  • Get 50 kills
  • Get 10 double kills
  • Get 15 kills from behind
  • Complete 125 headshots
  • Complete 180 full attachment kills
  • Perform 100 headshots
  • Complete 50 longshots
  • Perform 50 mounted kills
  • You have to complete 40 reload kills
  • Perform 525 kills
  • Complete 180 full attachment kills
  • Perform 25 streaks, which are 3 kills, without dying
  • Complete 45 hipfire kills
  • Get 30 kills while crouched
  • Get 50 kills
  • Perform 450 kills
  • Complete 60 headshots
  • Perform 50 one-shot kills
  • Complete 45 holding breath kills
  • Perform 25 double kills

Many MW2 players have wondered whether defeating enemies in Invasion counts towards camo challenges. Allegedly, when you defeat an enemy in an Invasion, according to a camo challenge, it does count.

However, if you defeat an AI during Invasion, it does not count towards a camo challenge. However, your weapon will receive experience points and eventually reach higher levels.

Are there other ways to complete camo challenges?

Although you can complete camo challenges in Invasion, there are other gaming modes that allow you to complete the challenges quicker. Players can complete Kill Confirmed and Team Deathmatch to complete the challenges. The table below describes each:

Mode Description
Kill Confirm Kill Confirmed is a popular game mode in which dead players leave behind dog tags. The opposing team can collect the tags to get additional points.
Team Deathmatch In this mode, you have to defeat everyone on the opposing team. The match ends when one team reaches a specific number of points.

What to do if your camo challenges are not tracking

It can be frustrating to notice that your camo challenges are not being tracked, even though you have completed specific tasks.

To fix the bug, you can try to complete more of the required objective. In other words, if you need 20 mounted kills with a weapon, get a few more. This fixes the issue and rewards players with the camo at the end of the match.

It is recommended that players stay in a match until it has been completed. If you leave the match before it is over, it may not count towards the camo challenges.

How many camos are available?

There are currently more than 180 standard camos available in MW2, which are divided into 14 categories. You can thus find Spray Paint, Digital, Dragon, Geometric, Skulls, Tiger, Reptile, and Solid Colors, among others.

Unlike in previous CoD games, these camos are shared universally between weapons. In other words, when you unlock a standard camo for 1 gun, it is available for all your unlocked guns.

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