Evony: Undead Hard Mode

Alliances can test their members’ capabilities by selecting the hard mode in Evony’s Undead Invasion event, which yields rich rewards.

Evony: The King’s Return is an explorative mobile game that invites gamers to build a keep from the ground up.

To advance in the game, you have to slay monsters, collect resources, complete quests and construct buildings.

Additionally, you can participate in events such as the Undead Invasion, which allows you to attempt hard mode.

Evony: Undead Hard Mode

Players can enjoy several events in Evony, one of which is the Undead Invasion. Keep in mind that this event will commence on Friday, 30 June 2023.

Evony: Undead Hard Mode
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Unfortunately, it is undetermined when this event will end. Therefore, we recommend that you complete as many event objectives as possible to receive rewards.

Before participating in the event, you can select the easy or hard mode, which determines the difficulty of the enemies that you have to defeat.

However, the mode that you select also influences the rewards that you receive. Players who select the hard mode will receive more rewards than those who choose the easy mode.

During this event, undead monsters will attack your alliance and the more undead you slay, the more scores you earn.

It is noteworthy that the undead’s power increases with your keep level and the marches quantity. Players should note that every city can only defend up to 20 marches.


Players will win the defense when they vanquish 50 percent or more of the undead. That being said, if you lose the defense twice, the undead will stop attacking you, though you can still reinforce your Alliance to earn scores.

Alliances should remember that the event will conclude when all Alliance members lose the defense twice. Thus, Alliance members should ensure that they do not lose the defense twice to earn amazing rewards.

Hard mode rewards

If an Alliance manages to complete the Undead Invasion Hard Mode successfully, players can expect the following rewards:

Reward Quantity
Gems 3070
Senior Resource Chest 427
60-Minute Speed Up 226
100 000 Gold 21
1000 Monarch Experience Points 50
500 000 Gold 67
1000 General Experience 32
Runestone Chest 115

Undead Invasion Rules

Players should remember that the undead will not plunder your resources and will only kill a few of your troops. Moreover, you cannot use a truce agreement during the fight against the undead.

Evony players should note that the Subordinate Cities do not defend the undead. Furthermore, if you teleport while the undead are marching towards your city, they will disappear.

Lastly, you will not receive any rewards if you quit an Alliance, or if you join a new Alliance which has already opened the Undead Invasion event.

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