Evony: Douglas

Douglas is an Epic Historic General that can be obtained by participating in Evony’s  Historic General Summoning event.

In this exhilarating video game, Evony: The King’s return, you have to take on the role of a lord or lady in medieval times.

Players have to expand their empire by constructing buildings, training troops and defeating enemies. To help you with these activities, you can recruit Generals, one of which is Douglas.

Evony: Generals

There are various Generals in Evony, however, each General has a specific role. A ranged player-versus-player General should only be used when you are attacking other players from a distance.

A Monster Hunter General specializes in attacking high-level monsters, which can be found on the world map.

It is crucial that you know the roles of your Generals. If you use the wrong General for an activity, you may not be as successful as you would be if you used the correct General.

Generals are essential in Evony, as you need Generals for everything you do. This includes fighting, researching, harvesting and building. Players should therefore ensure that they use the correct General for every activity.

Evony: Douglas

Evony recently announced that players can now collect Douglas, who is an Epic Historic General. He was the general of an empire during the Raged King’s reign. Douglas achieved great military feats in the south and was awarded the highest honor.

Evony: Douglas
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Usually, you recruit Generals by opening your tavern. Keep in mind that recruiting Generals requires gold, but players have to participate in the Historic General Summoning event to acquire Douglas.

You can use Epic Historic General Glory to summon an Epic Historic General. If you summon Douglas, he will be directly added to your General list. During the event, if you do not summon Douglas after 5 summons, you are guaranteed to get him with the next summon.

Evony players can benefit from an increased summon rate for Douglas while the event is active. This means that the chances of summoning Douglas are increased by 600 percent.

However, when Douglas’ event concludes, you can use the Glory to acquire a random General.

To perform a summon, you need Glory. Players have to purchase a Tier-5 Event Package to get Epic Historic General Glory.

You can purchase this package in the game for approximately$5.44. Players allegedly have a chance of receiving Douglas from the 5th-tier package.

If you do not receive Douglas from the package, you need to use Glory to summon him. Keep in mind that although his summon rate is increased, there is still a chance that you may not get him.

Fortunately, players are guaranteed to receive Douglas after they have performed 5 summons.

Douglas’s abilities

Once you have Douglas, you can benefit from his various abilities, which are listed below:

Ability Description
Ranged Troop Assault Ranged Troop health points and attack are both increased by 10 percent.
Siege It increases march size capacity by 6 percent, while attacking siege machine. Ranged troop attack is increased by 10 percent.
War God This ability increases all troops’ attack by 6 percent.
Old Knight Marching ranged troop attack has increased by 35 percent. Additionally, attacking siege machine and ranged troop defense are increased by 40 percent.

Douglas’s special ability, Blessing of Siren, increases ranged troops’ attack by 25 percent when he is leading the army to battle.

It also increases ranged troops and siege machine’s attack and defense by 15 percent when Douglas is assigned a dragon or spiritual beast to attack.

Douglas’s statistics

Douglas’s statistics can influence the outcome of a battle. The table below lists his base statistics and the growth rate:

Statistic Base Growth rate
Defense 114 8.88 percent
Attack 124 9.03 percent
Politics 102 8.59 percent
Leadership 122 8.90 percent

Every time Douglas reaches a new level, his statistics will increase. The quantity by which it increases is equal to the growth rate. You can increase his growth rate through the enhancement process, but keep this requires gold and medals.

Douglas’s builds

Players can either use Douglas for ranged PvP or for siege and ranged PvP. It is worth noting that you need specific equipment refines and skill books for each build, as outlined below:

Build Equipment refines Skill books
Ranged PvP
  • Bow: Ranged Troop Attack
  • Armor: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Boots: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Helmet: Ranged Troop health points
  • Leg Armor: Ranged Troop health points
  • Ring: Ranged Troop attack
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Attack
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Range Bonus
  • Level 4 March Size
Ranged PvP and Siege
  • Bow: Ranged Troop Attack
  • Armor: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Boots: Ranged Troop Defense
  • Helmet: Ranged Troop Health Points
  • Leg Armor: Ranged Troop Health Points
  • Ring: Ranged Troop Attack
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Attack
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Range Bonus
  • Level 4 Siege Troop Range Bonus

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