Evony: When to use siege machines

Evony players can use their siege machines to defend their keeps from other players, or to gather massive quantities of resources.

Players are invited to take on the role of either a lord or a lady in this tactical mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. This game is based on the classic video game, Evony, therefore, you will experience similar mechanics, characters, and features in the mobile version.

The game is set in medieval times, in which you can build your own empire from the ground up. You can build various buildings in your keep, train assorted troops, and research many features. However, it is advised that you focus on progressing in the main campaign before enjoying other activities.

What are the different types of troops?

You will have the opportunity to attack various monsters, and even other players, as you progress in the game. However, you cannot engage in combat if you do not have any trained troops.

There are many types of troops, each of which serve a specific purpose on the battlefield. Moreover, each troop type has advantages and disadvantages, which you need to consider before you train them.

Mounted troops have a strong advantage over ground troops, but they have low health points and defences. Siege troops can deal a lot of damage from a range, and they are strong against other troops.

Ranged troops, on the other hand, can attack enemies from a distance, which makes them quite convenient to have. Ground troops are high in defence and health points and they can withstand ranged troops’ attack.

Evony: When to use siege machines

Even though siege machines may seem like a simple feature to have, they can influence your gameplay significantly, especially during battle. Siege machines are primarily used during the player-versus-playing gaming mode, as they can destroy other players’ sieges on their walls quite quickly.

If you use this mechanic, you should note that the opponent’s ground or mounted troops will likely destroy your siege once they are in range.

This method is used most effectively if you have a greater siege range and use layers of sieges. This means that there should be varying tiers of sieges. Furthermore, you should have more sieges from higher tiers to increase their efficiency.

Most players allegedly use siege machines for defence, as it is highly effective at killing the enemy’s attacking siege machines. Keep in mind that you should either have a greater, or equal siege troop in order to successfully defeat the opponent’s siege machines.

You can also use your siege machines to gather resources, however, this may take some time as their speed is quite slow. That being said, siege machines have the highest carrying capacity, so they can carry large amounts of resources at a time.

Though siege machines can be used for offence, this is not recommended. This is because it costs a lot to repair and heal them once they have received damage in battle. Instead, you should use your siege machines for defence to get the most out of them.

Evony: When to use siege machines
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What is the cost of siege machines?

Training troops can cost a lot of resources, but the amount is determined by the tier level. Players can train siege machines by unlocking and building the Workshop in their keep.

It is advised that you pair the siege machines with a General to ensure a highly effective attack. The following table highlights the resource costs at each troop tier level:

Tier Gold Food Ore Stone Lumber
1 0 0 0 60 10021
2 0 0 0 140 120
3 0 0 0 280 123
4 0 0 120 320 120
5 0 0 160 420 160
6 0 0 220 660 220
7 0 0 300 900 300
8 0 0 420 1300 420
9 0 0 600 1800 600
10 0 0 850 2500 850
11 0 0 1300 3900 1300
12 0 0 2000 6000 2000
13 0 0 3000 9000 3000
14 200 0 4500 13 500 4500
15 800 0 7500 22 500 7500

What is a General?

Generals are a vital component of the game as you can use them in everything you do. This includes building, crafting, fighting, and researching. The better the General is, the more effective they are in each of the mentioned roles.

Every General serves a specific purpose in the game, and this purpose is generally determined by their talents or abilities. Some Generals perform better when placed in a siege troop, while others are better suited for inside the Academy.

Who are the best siege Generals?

It is important to note that there are different types of siege Generals, and each one performs a specific task. The best Generals for each feature are:

Attacking siege Generals Defending siege Generals Monster siege Generals Troop siege Generals
Phillip II Emperor Qin Shihuang Ramesses II Phillip II
Ramesses II Khalid Ulysses S. Grant  
Matthias I William Wallace Emperor Qin Shihuang  

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