Evony: Napoleon Prime

Napoleon (Prime) is a new Epic Historic General Evony that players can acquire by enjoying the Historic General Summoning event.

Evony: The King’s Return invites players to travel through the annals of history to experience the grand impact and engage in epic strategic battles.

As a lord or lady of a keep during medieval times, you have to recruit Generals, train troops, defeat monsters and harvest resources to expand your empire.

Napoleon Prime

Evony regularly collaborates with real-life movies to introduce new exciting content to the game. The developers recently collaborated with the Napoleon movie, which was released in November 2023.

Players can therefore now enjoy various Napoleon-based events with unique objectives that you have to complete to earn rewards.

One of the events that you can enjoy is Historic General Summoning, which gives you the opportunity to summon Napoleon (Prime).

Similarly to other Generals in Evony, Napoleon (Prime) has several statistics that can have a great influence on your gameplay.

Evony: Napoleon Prime
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The following table lists the statistics of Napoleon (Prime):

Statistic Base rate Growth rate
Politics 113 8.62 percent
Attack 124 9.04 percent
Defense 121 9.01 percent
Leadership 119 8.83 percent

Monarchs can improve his statistics by increasing his level and through the cultivation and enhancement processes. The amount by which his statistics increase is the mentioned growth rate.

Napoleon (Prime) abilities

Napoleon (Prime) has amazing abilities that you can benefit from on the battlefield. The table below lists his abilities and describes each one:

Ability Description
Mounted Troop Formation
  • Mounted troop attack is increased by 10 percent
  • Mounted troop defense is increased by 10 percent
  • March speed is increased by 10 percent
  • Marching mounted troop attack is increased by 20 percent
Mounted Troop Ares
  • Mounted troop attack is increased by 10 percent
  • Mounted troop defense is increased by 10 percent
  • Mounted troop HP is increased by 10 percent
Bonaparte Dynasty
  • Marching mounted troop attack is increased by 40 percent
  • Marching mounted troop defense is increased by 30 percent
  • Enemy ranged troop and siege machine attack is decreased by 15 percent

Napoleon (Prime) special skill

In addition to the above-mentioned specialities, Napoleon (Prime) has a special skill which does not require any development.

Napoleonic Wars increase mounted troops’ attacks by 50 percent when Napoleon (Prime) is leading the army to attack.

The special skill also increases mounted troops’ defense and HP by 30 percent when Napoleon brings any Dragon or Spiritual Beast to attack.

Keep in mind that you can unlock additional buffs for this skill when you increase Napoleon’s star level.

Historic General Summoning

While the Historic General Summoning event in  Evony is active, you can use Epic Historic General (Glory) to summon an Epic Historic General.

If you do not summon Napoleon (Prime) after summoning 5 times, he is guaranteed within the next summoning. Monarchs can procure Epic Historic General (Glory) by purchasing packages.

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