Evony: Battle of Chalons Guide

Players can enjoy a range of activities in Evony, one of which is a large-scale battlefield called the Battle of Chalons.

Evony: The King’s Return is a popular mobile game in which players can experience simulation and role-playing elements. Since it is based on the classic video game, Evony, you will enjoy similar content, mechanics and overall gameplay.

The game is set in a persistent world in medieval times and players can assume the role of a lord or lady to control the city.

You can participate in a range of activities and enjoy various gaming modes, including player-versus-player mode.

You can also defeat monsters, join in-game events, gather resources, and join the Battle of Chalons. While some activities will initially be locked, you can unlock them as you advance in the game.

Why is having different activities important?

It has been proved that having many activities in a game offers players assorted content, which increases the chances that different people will find something they like in the game, meaning it is likely that they will play the game more frequently.

You will have to meet specific requirements to unlock additional activities. This is a way to motivate you to play the game for longer periods of time.

The activities also ensure that the game does not get dull or monotonous for players, as there are different components to keep them occupied.

Evony: Battle of Chalons

One of the activities you can enjoy is the Battle of Chalons, which is a new large-scale battlefield that allows players to fight against one another with their Generals and armies.

Evony: Battle of Chalons
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It is worth noting that this activity comprises 3 leagues, namely Major League, Elite League, and Junior League.

If you have ranked in the top 256 of every continent, you will move into the Major League. The rest of the players will be divided between the Elite and Junior Leagues.

To keep the battle fair, the Alliances from each league will be matched with 3 opponent Alliances from the same league.

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This means that a group will be formed with members from different Alliances, but from the same league. Alliances will be ranked according to the score performances, while players can earn scores by completing tasks.

These tasks include, but are not limited to killing monsters, defeating troops, and taking control of infrastructure.

New battlefield features

Not only can players enjoy a new battle, but they can now also enjoy new features, namely, the Supply Carriage, which is a randomly dropped loot box that spawns in random buildings, at random times.

When you have control over the building it spawns in, you get a chance to select 1 out of 3 buffs. Since the buffs can be game-changing, you should carefully contemplate which one you want to select.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the Medical Tents that allow you to heal your troops. Unfortunately, the tents also spawn randomly on the map at random times.

What is the Honour Ranking?

The Honour Ranking features a total of 4 battles. As previously mentioned, each group has 4 Alliances, which are rewarded based on their performance and rankings.

The first place Alliance will receive 5 Honours, while the second place Alliance will receive 3 Honours. The third place Alliance will gain 1 Honour and the last place Alliance will not receive anything.

The Honour Points determine the overall ranking of the Alliances, and they determine who wins the Battle of Chalons. The Alliances that form part of the top 16 in the Major League will fight for the champion title in another round of battles.

Battle of Chalons’ rewards

The rewards players can receive for competing in the Battle of Chalons can feel substantially rewarding, especially when they have invested a lot of time into the battle.

If you are part of the top 100, you will receive an Alliance Glory Castle, which can be used to expand the Alliance Territory. Additionally, you can receive many cosmetics, such as new Alliance Flags.

Evony: Battle of Chalons
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Final thoughts

Players can experience thrilling simulation and role-playing elements in the popular mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. Based on the classic video game, Evony, you can enjoy similar gameplay, content and mechanics.

It takes place in a persistent world in medieval times and players can assume the role of a lord or lady to control a city.

The game offers a variety of activities for players to enjoy, one of which is the Battle of Chalons, which is a new large-scale battlefield that allows players to fight against each other with their Generals and armies.

Players will only form groups with other Alliances that fall into the same league.

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