Evony: Chalons betting

Players can use Betting Coins in Evony: The King’s Return’s Chalons Betting to earn various rewards, however, the event is only active for a limited time period.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling role-playing game in which you can build an empire in the medieval era. As the lady or lord of the keep, it is up to you to train troops, recruit Generals, harvest resources, and protect your empire from other players.

You can enjoy several events and activities in Evony, and though some may initially be locked, you can access them once you meet the requirements to do so.

In the Battlefields Betting activity, players can place their bets in Chalons betting and potentially receive rewards.

How to access the Battlefields Betting

Unlike other events, Battlefields Betting cannot be accessed through the event center. Instead, you have to open your Battlefield building, which is situated just outside your keep. When you click on the building, various options will appear, one of which is Battlefields Betting.

In the Battlefields Betting menu, you can access the Betting Shop, All Star Betting, and Chalons Betting. In the betting shop, players can use their Betting Coins to purchase items like popcorn and a Lucky Snowman, among others.

Some items in the Betting Shop are more expensive than others, and therefore, you need to farm Betting Coins in order to purchase them.

Evony: Chalons betting

Battlefields Betting will be opened during prime Battlefields. You can bet on different battles with Betting Coins to predict the rankings of the battles. If your prediction is correct, you will be rewarded with numerous items.

Chalons Betting has different rounds that feature up to 8 Chalons Battles. Bets open the day before each round of battles, and conclude at the start of the battles. Players can select 2 teams on which to bet and predict their rankings.

Evony: Chalons betting
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If your prediction is correct, you will win Betting Coins based on your betting ratio. Players can switch teams before the battle starts.

Once the battle concludes, if you won, you can view the battle results and claim your rewards for winning in the Betting Log.

Players can only view the Alliance name of each team in the Betting Log after the last round of battles ends.

You have to wait until Chalons Betting becomes active in order to participate in it.. Once it is active, you can select your first and second place team prediction. Players can choose how many Betting Coins they want to bet on each team.

You can change your prediction until the battle begins. After making your selection, you have to wait until the battle ends to earn rewards, if your prediction was correct. If your prediction was wrong, you will not get rewards and you will lose your betting coins.

What items can you purchase from the Betting Shop?

There is an array of items that you can purchase in the Betting Shop, which is listed in the table below:

Item Price Description
Popcorn 500 Betting Coins If you purchase this item, you will receive a 12-hour Speed-up, 8 Runestone Chests, and 3 Special Resources Chests
Lucky Snowman 800 Betting Coins After purchasing this item, you will get a 24-Hour Speed-up, 12 Runestone Chests, and 5 Special Resources Chests
Super Resource Chest 480 Betting Coins Players will get 1 million food, lumber, stone, and ore
Key of Conscription 50 Betting Coins You can use this item to open the Great General Chest in the Tavern
Research Stone 10 Betting Coins This item is required to research high-level technologies
Excellent Dragon Coin 5800 Betting Coins You can feed a coin to a dragon to gain experience points

Do Betting Coins expire?

Unfortunately, the Betting Coins will disappear when the Battlefields Betting event concludes. It is therefore recommended that you use your Betting Coins while the event is active.

In addition to Chalons Betting, you can use your Betting Coins in the All Star Betting event in Evony, which functions quite similarly to Chalons Betting. However, the teams that you can predict vary from the Chalons Betting event.

When does Battlefield Betting end?

At the time of writing this, the Battlefields Betting event will conclude on 9 December 2022. This means that you only have 11 days left in which to use your Betting Coins to bet on Chalons Betting.

It is advisable that you use your Betting Coins before the event concludes, as the currency will be removed from Evony when the event is over.

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