Evony: Battle of Toulon

The Battle of Toulon is one of the many game modes Alliance can enjoy in Evony to earn rich rewards, however it has certain requirements.

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As the lord or lady of a keep in medieval times, you have to defeat monsters on the world map, scout other players, train troops, harvest resources and construct buildings.

Battle of Toulon

In addition to expanding your empire, you can participate in several game modes with unique objectives. One of the game modes that you can enjoy is Battle of Toulon, but keep in mind that it is only active once a week.

Evony: Battle of Toulon
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You can sign up for this mode 1 day before it begins, however, it has certain requirements that must be met before you can sign up.

The Alliance you are part of needs to be at least 15 days old and it has to be in the Top 20 Alliances in the server to sign up.

That being said, only the Alliance’s R4 and R5 can sign up for the battle and select which Alliance members can join them on the battlefield.

Every Evony Alliance can have up to 20 Alliance members on the battlefield, however, these members must have been in the Alliance for at least 3 days and be level 15 before sign up time.

Once the sign-up time closes, your Alliance will automatically be matched with an opponent. At the end of the battle, the Alliance with the highest score wins.

However, if the Alliance is not matched with an opponent, the participants of the Alliance will receive a Battlefield Bye Gift.

Battlefield Buildings

When the battle begins, all participating members will be transported to the battlefield. On the battlefield, you will discover various buildings that you can occupy to earn points.

The table below lists the quantities of points you will earn for occupying the following buildings:

Building Description Occupation points
Fort Toulon Located in the middle of the battlefield Your alliance must occupy it for 1 continuous minute to earn 80 scores
Crystal Mine There are 8 mines to occupy By occupying this building for 1 minute, you will earn 16 scores
Portal You will find 6 Portals on the map, which can be occupied Occupy it for 30 uninterrupted seconds to earn a teleport chance. You will earn 16 points if you occupy it for 1 minute.
Battlefield Hospital There is only 1 hospital that your Alliance can occupy If you occupy this building, you will increase the entire Alliance’s healing speed. You have to occupy it for a minute to earn 16 scores.

Battlefield rules

The battle will remain active for 2 hours, and you need to use your own teleport items or Gems to teleport across the Battlefield. Keep in mind that your Alliance shares a limited number of teleport chances.

Your opponent cannot teleport to your Alliance’s Safe Zone, however, they can attack players who do not have an active shield. If your troops are killed on the battlefield, they will go to the Hospital and be considered wounded.

Fortunately, resources will not be plundered and healing your wounded troops will not cost any resources.

When the battle concludes, all wounded troops will automatically be healed. Monarchs should note that they cannot enter the Battlefield again once they have left.

If you leave while the battle is active, your scores will be reset to zero and you will not receive any rewards.

Killing Scores

If you vanquish the opponent’s troops during the Battle of Toulon, you will receive points. Keep in mind that you have to kill 1 000 000 enemies of a specific level to earn points.

The following table lists the points that you can earn:

Level Points
2 6.7 scores
4 17.8 scores
6 33.3 scores
8 51.1 scores
10 71.1 scores
12 100 scores
14 133.3 scores
16 177.8 scores


When the battle concludes, you will be rewarded based on whether you won or lost the battle. The rewards are ultimately the same, but the quantities differ.

This means that Evony players who won the battle and scored the highest number of points will receive more rewards than those who lost the battle.

You can expect the following rewards:

  • Badges
  • Ultimate War Treasures
  • Toulon Chest (Gem)
  • Toulon Chest (Resource)
  • Toulon Chest (Gold)
  • Toulon Chest ( Speed Up)
  • Runestone Chest
  • Dragon Source Fragment
  • Tactic Scroll

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