Evony: Battle-Tested

Evony recently announced that Monarchs are now able to acquire Speciality Fragments (Battle-Tested) to compose Flexible Specialities.

You can build an empire from scratch in this thrilling video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

To expand your empire, you must train troops, construct buildings, recruit Generals, harvest resources and battle opponents on the world map.


On Friday, 13 October 2023, Evony made an in-game announcement to share their gratitude for players’ outstanding contributions during the Server War.

The announcement revealed that Evony recently improved the rewards in the Server War Monarch Score Chests by adding a new item; the Speciality Fragment (Battle-Tested).

Players can now acquire different tiers of Monarch Score Chests. This means that you can earn Bronze, Silver and Gold chests, but every chest has 3 tiers of rewards.

If you open the chest, you will earn the new Specialty Fragment (Battle-Tested) item.

Evony: Battle-Tested
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Furthermore, Evony has added 10 Speciality Fragments (Battle-Tested) to the level 50 free reward in the Dawn of Civilization event. This essentially means that players can earn a Battle-Tested Specialty Runestone.

Unfortunately, gamers cannot view the buffs that they will get when earning a Battle-Tested Speciality Runestone.

This means that the buffs and the quality of the buffs from the Battle-Tested Speciality Runestone are currently undetermined.

Monarchs therefore have to wait until the next Server War to earn Speciality Fragments (Battle-Tested) and to see what buffs they can unlock.

YouTuber, Gaming Addicts with Genghis, believes that the buffs will have an effect on player-versus-player battles since it is Battle-Tested.

If gamers collect 10 Speciality Fragments (Battle-Tested), players can compose one Flexible Speciality (Battle-Tested).

SvS rewards

If you participate in the SvS event, you can earn points by completing various activities.

The points that you accumulate determine your rewards, but players should keep in mind that not all chests contain the new Battle-Tested item.

Chest name Required score Rewards
Bronze Server War Monarch Score Chest 1 2 250 000
  • 5000 Gems
  • 5 Source of Life
  • 3 Super Resource Chest
  • 3 24-hour Speed up
  • 40 Runestone Chest
  • 100 Refining Stones
  • 1 Treasure Box
  • 10 Speciality Fragment (Battle-Tested)
Silver Server War Monarch Score Chest III 112 500 000
  • 30 000 Gems
  • 75 Source of Life
  • 15 Super Resource Chest
  • 15 24-hour Speed Up
  • 25 Blood of Ares
  • 140 Runestone Chest
  • 350 Refining Stone
  • 14 Treasure Box
Gold Server War Monarch Score Chest I 225 000 000
  • 37 500 Gems
  • 100 Source of Life
  • 16 Super Resource Chest
  • 16 24-hour Speed Up
  • 30 Blood of Ares
  • 160 Runestone Chest
  • 400 Refining Stones
  • 17 Treasure Box
  • 10 Speciality Fragment (Battle-Tested)

Flexible Speciality

Once you have 10 Speciality Fragments (Battle-Tested), you can compose a Flexible Specialty (Battle-Tested).

A speciality is essentially a buff or debuff that a General has to help your troops on the battlefield. Gold Generals have 4 specialities, while Purple Generals only have 3 specialities.

Evony recently added the Flexible Speciality system to the game, which unlocks a 5th speciality. When 3 specialties are maximized, you can add a Flexible Speciality to that General.

This means that gamers can change a General’s 5th Speciality at any time, but to attach a Flexible Speciality to a General, you have to obtain a Flexible Specialty item.

Monarchs can now acquire the Battle-Tested item to compose a Flexible Speciality for free by simply participating in the Server-versus-Server event, but you can also acquire a Fragment by enjoying the Dawn of Civilizations event.


Players should note that the Server War opens every 14 days and every war lasts 2 days. However, only servers which have been active for 60 days and have had the first King can participate in the Server War.

Two Servers will be matched, and players will be informed by mail before the war begins. When it commences, players who have reached level 7 can use a Server Teleporter to teleport to a random spot of the enemy Server.

You have to vanquish foes and monsters on the enemy server to score points.

You can also occupy the City of Throne and Temples on the enemy server to earn additional points. Players will earn rewards when they meet the scores and ranking requirements.

You need a minimum of 3 200 000 to receive Monarch rewards and a minimum of 16 000 000 to earn Alliance rewards.

How to earn points

When the Server War begins, you have to complete certain activities to earn points. The number of points you earn will determine the chest you earn.

Thus, you should earn as many points as possible to procure the new Specialty Fragment (Battle-Tested) item in Evony.

The following table lists some of the activities that you can complete during a Server War:

Activity Points
Occupy enemy Server’s City of Throne for 1 second 750 to 10 000
Occupy enemy Server’s Hunter Temple for 1 second 150 to 2000
Kill 1 level 10 Common Monster 750
Kill 1 level 35 Common Monster 2500
Kill 1 enemy Server’s level 6 troop 15
Kill 1 level 19 Boss Monster 210 000

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