Diablo Immortal: 5-star Gem drop rate

The drop rate of a 5-star Gem in Diablo Immortal is only 0.05 percent, which makes it nearly impossible to obtain one.

Diablo Immortal is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), in which you can join forces with countless other players to collect shattered fragments of the corrupted Worldstone.

This game forms part of the classic series, Diablo, and it is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo II. Hence, you can expect to experience similar gameplay, mechanics, and features throughout the series.

As you advance in the game, you will come across an array of items, including gear, weapons, jewellery, consumables, materials, and resources.

Every item serves a specific purpose in the game, for example, gear and weapons strengthen your character. Keep in mind that you can slot Legendary Gems into your equipment, that greatly influence your gameplay.

What are gems?

Gems are defined as enhancement jewels that can be inserted into your gear. Gamers should note that they can acquire different rarities of gear and weapons in the game.

Every piece can be equipped with a Gem that can provide your characters with numerous benefits. These benefits vary from gem to gem.

Characters are rated in various rarities as well as stars. This means that each rarity has 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star Gems. The best gem you can slot into your gear is allegedly a Legendary 5-star Gem, which is incredibly difficult to acquire.

Regardless of its rarity and star rating, every gem increases your statistics and offers you a secondary benefit, such as a chance to unleash a powerful attack when you take damage.

Diablo Immortal: 5-star Gem drop rate

The ability to use gems is automatically unlocked once you reach level 15 in Diablo Immortal. Reaching this level is not very time-consuming, so it is recommended that you start acquiring weapons with sockets in them as early in the game as possible.

Although gems may seem like a small factor in the game, they can affect your character’s statistics and talents significantly. It is quite easy to acquire 1-star Gems as they are fairly common, but they are not the most powerful and provide the least benefits.

Players should thus aim to equip all their gear and weapons with 5-star Gems so that they can reach their full potential. Farming 5-star Gems is a time-consuming process, because the drop rates are extremely low. The table below outlines the drop rate for gems:

Star Probability Odds Chance
1 75 percent 3:1 3 in 4
2 20 percent 1:4 1 in 5
2/5 3.75 percent 3:77 3 in 80
3/5 1 percent 1:99 1 in 100
4/5 0.2 percent 1:499 1 in 500
5/5 0.05 percent 1:1999 1 in 2000

The chances of acquiring a 5-star Gem are nearly non-existent, as a free-to-play player, which has caused a lot of controversy amongst gamers.

This is because endgame content has been considered an incredibly layered pay-to-win system since players are pushed to purchase Legendary Gems with real-life money.

Alternative methods to acquire a 5-star Gem

Players can purchase 5-star Gems using Platinum, which is an in-game currency that you can get from selling other games in the market. Alternatively, you can acquire gems using Legendary Crests and Eternal Orbs in Elder Rifts.

It is important to note that the above-mentioned drop rates apply to these methods. This means that the chances of obtaining a 5-star Gem are very slim, however, some players have succeeded in this feat.

Elder Rifts

Players can get access to the Elder Rifts by simply finishing the main questline, as they will end up in Westmarch. Once you have reached Westmarch, you will be tasked with entering your first Elder Rift. This initial exploration serves as a tutorial that explains the mechanics and modifiers of the rifts.

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You will receive a Legendary Crest from the Crest Merchant which you can use to alter the Elder Rift. This will allow you to get a Legendary Gem after completing a rift.

Once you are inside the Elder Rift, you should try to finish the level as quickly as possible. The rifts are procedurally generated and contain hordes of enemies that you have to defeat. Additionally, you have to defeat a powerful mini boss to successfully complete the rift.

Can you enter an Elder Rift without a Legendary Crest?

It is worth noting that you can enter an Elder Rift without a Legendary Crest, but this means that you will not get a Legendary Gem. Instead, you will get the chance to obtain rare or legendary equipment, and you will receive additional experience points.

Furthermore, players receive Fading Embers, which is used to purchase Runes, the Fading Embers, and Runes Trader.

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