PSO2 NGS: Drop Rate

PSO2: NGS players can benefit from a rare drop rate increase, which allows them to collect more items.

In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) you can test your tactical skills. As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, players have to collaborate with an unknown ally to defeat the DOLLS – a powerful enemy.

As the game’s name suggests, it is based on the classic Phantasy Star Online 2, and as such, you are likely to encounter similar gameplay, mechanics, and content in both games. However, since NGS was launched a decade after its predecessor, it will have new and updated graphics.

While advancing in the game, you will procure various items, including gear, resources, materials, weapons, and costumes. Bear in mind that certain items have lower drop rates, and others have high drop rates.

What is a drop rate?

A drop rate is the probability of getting a specific item from a loot box or booster pack in video games, particularly in games with microtransactions.

The higher a drop rate is, the better the chances that you will  acquire the item. The lower the drop rate, the lower the chances that you will obtain it.

That being said, allegedly, items like especially gear and armour pieces that have low drop rates are considered more powerful and better than others. Players thus have to complete the specific activity that drops the items quite frequently until they get it.

PSO2 NGS: Drop Rate

All the items in NGS are categorised according to their rarities, and therefore, you can acquire rare and legendary gear and weapon pieces.

Moreover, the weapons are rated according to a star ranking, which means that 1-star weapons are easier to find, whereas 7-star weapons have a lower drop rate.

That being said, premium players can occasionally benefit from an increased rare drop rate. This means that premium players have a higher chance of acquiring items than free-to-play players may not get.

However, the rare drop rate buff is only active during the Premium User day campaign. This event occurs on the 21st of every month and users with an active Premium membership can benefit from it.

Keep in mind that the campaign is only active for 1 day, so you should use this time to acquire items with a low drop rate.

If you are a free-to-play player, this campaign does not affect you. However, a few days after the premium user day campaign, all NGS players receive the 75 percent rare drop rate increase.

The rare drop rate increase system in NGS has experienced some controversy, as many players believe that it does not have a big impact. But, it has some influence on your gameplay.

The rare drop rate buff increases the number of items that you earn after completing an activity or defeating a boss. So it indirectly increases your chances of obtaining rare items in NGS.

How to take advantage of the rare drop rate

If you have terrible luck in NGS when it comes to farming, it is recommended that you defeat Dread Keeper enemies, as well as capsule farming.

With the rare drop rate buff, you will earn more capsules, which means that you are more likely to procure the capsules that you need to improve your character.

Alternatively, you can farm Purple Triggers or Dark Falz rank 2, as you could obtain powerful gear and weapons. However, there is a possibility that you will not earn any useful items with this method.

Is Captan worth farming with the rare drop rate?

Many NGS players wonder if it is worth farming Captan with the rare drop rate, and allegedly, it is worth it. Captan was introduced during NGS’ first Anniversary Event, during which it spawned as a Trial in all Sectors.

Once defeated, the boss allegedly drops Special Ability Capsules like the Mastery Series, also known as Master Augments.

The higher the rare drop rate you have, the more possible items the Captan will drop. This means that players have a higher chance of getting the more valuable capsules, simply because you get more capsules overall.

Can food increase your drop rate?

NGS features an array of consumable items, some of which can influence your character’s drop rate. Some of the consumables that increase your rare drop rate are:

Name How to acquire Description
N-Rare Drop Rate +10 percent Mission pass reward When consumed, it increases your rare drop rate by 10 percent for 60 minutes. The duration decrease when you are logged out
N-Rare Drop Rate + 25 percent Item Recycle Shop and Ronaldine’s Tasks It increases your rare drop rate by 25 percent for 60 minutes. The duration decrease when you are logged out
N-Rare Drop Rate +50 percent Campaign Reward and Item Pack Content It increases your rare drop rate by 50 percent for 60 minutes. The duration decreases when you are logged out

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