Total War Warhammer 2: Knowledgeable trait

The Knowledgeable trait in Total War: Warhammer 2 increases your Winds of Magic power reserves, and it decreases the enemy’s Winds of Magic power reserves.

Total War: Warhammer II is a thrilling video game that invites players to enjoy turn-based tactics and real-time strategies.

As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the Warhammer series, and therefore, Warhammer II takes place in the same Warhammer Fantasy world.

In this fictional world, you can move your armies around a map while managing different settlements in a turn-based way. As you advance in Warhammer 2, you will gain and lose troops and Lords.

Almost every character in Warhammer 2 has unique traits, and one of the traits that you can use is Knowledgeable.

What are character traits?

Character traits are unique character modifiers that can be acquired during the course of the campaign, but this depends on the character’s performance. A character is given at least 1 trait when you recruit them.

The other traits can be procured by progressing in the campaign. Every character can allegedly have up to 30 traits.

It is noteworthy that character traits are divided into varying categories, namely, hero traits, personality traits, lord traits, ruler traits, legendary lord traits, and other faction-specific traits. You may therefore not have access to all the traits in Warhammer II.

Total War Warhammer 2: Knowledgeable trait

Personality traits are a broad category, as it applies in a more general fashion than dedicated military traits. One of the personality traits is the Knowledgeable trait.

This trait reduces 5 points from the Enemy Winds of Magic power reserves, but it only applies to the local region.

While the Knowledgeable trait reduces Enemy Winds of Magic, it increases your Winds of Magic power reserves with 5 points to all armies, faction-wide. By increasing your Winds of Magic power reserve, you  benefit from a faster recharge rate.

Total War Warhammer 2: Knowledgeable trait
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Every time that you cast a spell, the casting value is subtracted from the reserve. If your reserve depletes, the magic orb will stop recharging. Players therefore need to look at how much reserve they start with, then plan accordingly.

In addition to the Knowledgeable trait, you can use the Arcane Conduit ability to increase your magic reserves temporarily, however, this ability cannot be used when your reserve is depleted. You should thus activate it whenever possible after casting the first spell.

Although you can use all of your reserves in a battle, you do not have to. This  depends on the character that you are playing.

Casters like Gelt can either use the reserve on buffs, spells, or a combination of both. Furthermore, Casters like Vampires and Necromancers want as much reserve as possible for post-battle healing.

Which character classes can use the Knowledgeable trait?

It is important to note that not all character classes in Warhammer II have access to the Knowledgeable trait. The table below lists which classes can use it, and which classes cannot:

Have access to the Knowledgeable trait Do not have access to the Knowledgeable trait
  • Necromancer
  • Vampire
  • Giant River Troll Hag
  • Shaman
  • Sorcerer
  • Grey Seer
  • Spellsinger
  • Spellweaver
  • Battle Wizard
  • Black Orc Big Boss
  • Goblin Big Boss

If the character class or enemy is not listed in the table, it means that it is unknown whether they have access to the Knowledgeable trait or not.

Which races should use the Knowledgeable trait?

Since there is an array of character traits in Warhammer II, it can be difficult to know which trait suits each race perfectly. That being said, it is recommended that any Wizard Hero or Lord uses Knowledgeable, but it is not available to High Elves or Wood Elves Heroes.

Moreover, it is advisable that the Skaven Plague Priest use the Knowledgeable trait to access an increased magic power reserve.

How to acquire the Knowledgeable trait on the casters that you want

Some Warhammer II players are quite picky about what kind of traits they want to have on their characters. If you want the Knowledgeable trait on a character, you can recruit the hero and disband it until it cycles the trait that you want.

However, this can take some time, as only 1 of each trait can be available at any given time across the recruitment pool with the exception of High Elves. This is because the number of magic options that they have is greater than the number of traits.

If you are struggling to get the trait that you want, you should check all your winds of magic characters, as there may be a character with the Knowledgeable trait in your collection.

By disbanding the Knowledgeable caster in your collection, you have a chance of acquiring the character that you want.

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