Warhammer 2: Lords

A Lord in Warhammer 2 is a unique type of character unit that has the ability to lead your armies during battle.

Total War: Warhammer 2 is an adventurous video game in which you can enjoy real-time tactics and turn-based strategies. The game is set in the same Warhammer Fantasy fictitious world in which you can move your armies around a map, while controlling settlements.

You can also engage in diplomacy, complete quests, and fight other factions on the world map. While you are advancing in Warhammer 2, you will discover various characters and units, and each one will have a specific objective in the game.

One of the character units that you can acquire is a Lord.

Units in Warhammer 2

Armies on the battlefield comprise units of many individual soldiers or, though rarely, a single entity unit, which is generally a character or a monster.

Each unit is independently controllable and is represented by a card unit on the battle interface. Players can select 1 or more units at any time that Movement orders are issued to all selected units.

On the campaign map, units can earn experience points and ranks to get stronger, as long as they are not completely destroyed or disbanded.

There are several types of units that you can use, including melee units, ranged units, hybrid units, and flyers, and each type has a unique play style.

Warhammer 2: Lords

Lords are a special, powerful type of character unit that has the ability to lead your armies. However, Lords should not be confused with heroes, which are also character units. It is noteworthy that each army can only have 1 Lord.

The Lord is the army general, or the commander who provides a leadership aura, which grants bonus leadership to his or her units, though this only applies when the army is within a specific radius. The radius is indicated by a blue circle around the Lord when he or she is selected.

Warhammer 2: Lords
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Lords are normally a single unit or a soldier, instead of a unit that is made up of various soldiers. They have high health points and powerful attacks.

There are currently 3 types of Lords, namely melee specialists, wizards, spellcasters, and ranged Lords. The melee Lords are experts at fighting in melee combat, whereas the wizards and spellcasters can use the Winds of Magic to cast powerful spells. The ranged Lords are the most effective at fighting their enemies from a distance.

Similarly to units, Lords can get experience points during a battle, which increases their level. When a Lord levels up, they gain a skill point, which they can use to unlock new abilities on their skill tree.

During the grand campaign, Lords can be equipped with items and followers which provide them with attributes, statistical bonuses, and abilities.

They can also access Runes, Marks of Chaos, and Banners. These items can be carried around and assigned to units in their army before a battle.

Some of the Lords in Warhammer 2 can access special mounts, which includes some monsters and flying creatures, such as the Imperial Griffon and Chaos Dragon.

Items and Followers

Magical items, also referred to as artifacts, can be obtained by the player during the campaign. When equipped with characters, items can provide bonuses and special abilities.

There are various items that you can procure, however, each item is part of a specific category. You can get arcane, armour, enchanted, talismans, and weapons by progressing in Warhammer 2.

While followers are a type of inventory ancillary item which Lords and Heroes can equip during the campaign, when equipped, the follower provides a number of temporary campaigns or battle buffs to their army units.

Followers have to be equipped in the Lord’s inventory slot, but keep in mind that only one copy can be equipped at a time.

Lords introduced in Warhammer 2

There are more than 10 Lords in Warhammer 2. The table below lists some of the Lords that you can get, namely:

Race Lord name Role DLC
Dark Elves High Beastmaster Melee or support The Shadow and the Blade
High Elves Archmade Spellcaster The Warden and the Paunch
Skaven Master Assassin Ranged The Shadow and the Blade
Tomb Kings Tomb King Melee Rise of the Tomb Kings
Beastmen Spellweaver Spellcaster The Twisted and the Twilight
Vampire Counts Blood Dragon Vampire Lord Spellcaster Not applicable

Legendary Lords in Warhammer 2

Legendary Lords are special, unique Lords that are available to playable factions. They are generally powerful characters from the Warhammer Lore. Although they are Lords, they are considered a specific faction’s commander.

In Warhammer 2, only 5 factions have multiple Legendary Lords: Reikland, Karaz-a-Karaz, Sylvnia, Carstein, and Warriors of Chaos.

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