Dial of the Old Ones Puzzle Total War: Warhammer 2

The puzzle in Total War: Warhammer 2 is a fun one. Everyone loves puzzles right? This game is no different.

This puzzle is called “the dial of the old ones”, and it can be quite frustrating at first. The Dial of the Old Ones Puzzle Total War: Warhammer 2 is located in the Mysterious Crypts in the southeast of Hysh.

It will be easily recognized by the large broken obelisks that are arranged in a circle around the entire crypt.

The dial of the old ones is the puzzle that you will be working on as it is located in the middle of the crypts. The dial of the old ones is used to open the crypts.

Steps on How to Solve Dial of the Old Ones Puzzle

If you prefer a video tutorial, here’s an awesome guide from the Total War Legendary YouTube channel.

Solution #1

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What do you need to solve this puzzle?

  • Photo editor

Step #1. This is the base puzzle. If you notice, there are three circles in this figure: The outer circle (with shapes and symbols), The middle circle (plain circle with few colored lines) and the innermost circle (that one with a “face” or “image” in it).

Take a screenshot from your PC so you can edit it in the next step.

What you need to remember is that you can only rotate the middle circle to solve the puzzle.

first part of solving the dial of the old ones puzzle

Step #2. Using your photo editor, crop and rotate the innermost circle or that circle that has an “image” that looks like a demon or monster.

Use your imagination to see what I am talking about. Turn that face until it is in a standing position (eyes up, mouth down) like the image below.

second part of solving the dial of the old ones puzzle

Step #3. Now, rotate the 2nd circle (that plain, middle circle with few colored lines) and find the matching combinations just like the image below.

third stage of the dial of the old ones puzzle

That’s it! You solved this cruel dial of the old ones puzzle. Take note that your figures or puzzles may differ in-game. 

Just remember to always imagine the “face” facing you (mouth down and eyes up).

Solution #2

Here’s another solution from the reddit user DerWish

Step 1: get a pen and a sheet of paper

Step 2: put your paper on the screen

Step 3: you need to note two critical information from the inner circle: the end of the various lines & it’s color, face’s middle line, it’s gonna help you to get a horizontal line at the end.

Step 4: rotate your paper until you connect all noted lines’ end and match with the same color from the middle ring

Step 5: note the middle ring’s outgoing endpoints (color is not important at this point)

Step 6: rotate your paper so the face’s middle line changes to a horizontal line.

Step 7: now you can check for the solution using the middle ring’s out going lines.

Solution #3

And another simplified solution by Reddit user RouterHax0r

Use a photo editor. I used Pixelmator.

Step 1. Create a circle cutout of the center “face” rotate until it is right side up.

Step 2. Cut out the second ring “color ring” and rotate until the color line matches up with the face.

Step 3. find the symbols that match.

Dial of the Old Ones Lore – Total Warhammer 2

This game is rich in story and quests. Check out this lore from the Total Warhammer 2 game.

Throughout the world, the Old Ones left vast troves of power for use by their most trusted servants. To prevent such power falling into the wrong hands, they placed wards and cryptographic locks over them. As millennia have passed, these wards have weakened but the arcane locks remain.

to access the treasure, solve the puzzle – the Old Ones believed that alignment is all.


The Dial of the Old Ones is one of the many puzzles in Total War: Warhammer 2.

This particular one is called Dial of the Old Ones, and it requires you to enter the correct combination of symbols into the dial. If you enter the wrong combination, you will be hit by a blast of magic, which will significantly damage your units.

If you enter the right combination, then the magic will open a portal, allowing you to proceed.

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