Cypher of the Old Ones Puzzle Total War: Warhammer 2

The Cypher of the Old Ones puzzle was added in the Aye-Aye Patch, involving exploring the ruins in Total War: Warhammer 2.

Similar to sudoku puzzles, you must fill in the sequence of numbers in columns and rows so that they won’t repeat.

According to Fandom, every row and column must have unique colors and n-dots where n is unique. For example, if a row has a red 1-dot, a purple 2-dot, and a blue 4-dot, then the fourth space must be a yellow 3-dot.

Rewards: 1,000+ Treasure

Cypher of the Old Ones Multiple Answers and Solutions

Since there are a lot of different versions of this puzzle, there isn’t a single answer. Therefore, instead of focusing on one solution, it is important to remember the process of solving this puzzle.

Note: There are multiple correct answers to some of the Cypher puzzles in the game, but only one will give rewards.

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How to Solve Cypher of the Old Ones?

What is the process of solving this puzzle?

puzzle solution 1

Let’s analyze the image above.

Step 1 – Find the common number

  • In the column, we have 1 and 3.
  • In the row we have 1 and 4.

It is now clear that 1, 3, and 4 is not the answer since these numbers are already present in rows and columns.

From the answer options, the answer is either 2-blue or 2 yellow.

Step 2 – Determine the missing color

  • In the column, we have red and purple.
  • In the row, we have blue and purple

There are only four colors: yellow, purple, blue, and red. Yellow is missing, as we can see.

We can now conclude that the answer is 2-yellow.

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Another way of answering the puzzle:

cypher of the old ones solution
Credit: Imgur

Answers to all situations

puzzle solution 2
puzzle solution 3
puzzle solution 4
puzzle solution 5
puzzle solution 6
puzzle solution 7
puzzle solution 8

Cypher of the Old Ones Lore

Throughout the world, the Old Ones left vast troves of power for use by their most trusted servants. To prevent such power falling into the wrong hands, they placed wards and cryptographic locks over them. As millennia have passed, these wards have weakened but the arcane locks remain.

To access the treasure, solve the puzzle – the Old One, Tepok the Inscurable, never liked to repeat himself.

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