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Basic Information

Application Name Total War: Warhammer II
Release Date September 28, 2017
Genre Turn-based strategy, real-time tactics
Price €59.99
Developer Creative Assembly
Publisher Sega
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagram


Total War is a series of games developed by Creative Assembly for personal computers (PC). The games are based on historical events. They incorporate different time periods of Europe, Japan, the Roman Empire, Napoleon’s battels and the war of the Three Kingdoms in China.

The games combine turn-based strategy and resource management with real-time tactical control of battles. Quite unique for real-time strategy games, flanking manoeuvres and formations factor heavily into gameplay.

The first of the series, Shogun: Total War was released in 2000. Since then, the developers have created 15 additional games. One of the latest releases is Total War: Warhammer II.

The game focuses on the conflicts in the New World and Ulthuan between the classes, as they seek to control the Vortex, while the Tomb King seeks to reclaim the Nine Books of Nagash, which is a series of necromantic tomes.

Downloadable content

It is important to note that players first need to purchase the base game before purchasing the downloadable content (DLCs). Purchasing additional content can be quite expensive, as players can only purchase it with real-life money.

The following table indicates the name, release date and a description of each DLC for Total War: Warhammer II:

Name of DLC Release date Description of the DLC
Blood for the Blood God II October 2017 The DLC adds various blood and gore effects in battle. It is free for players who own the Blood for the Blood God in the first Warhammer.
Rise of the Tomb Kings January 2018 It adds the Tomb Kings as a playable race in the campaign. Additionally, it adds a multiplayer mode with four legendary lords.
The Queen and the Crone May 2018 When purchased, it adds Crone Hellebron as a new Dark Elf legendary lord, while Alarielle the Radiant is the new High Elf legendary lord. Additionally, this DLC introduces new units, mechanics and Regiments of Renown.
Curse of the Vampire Coast November 2018 The DLC adds the Vampire Coast as a playable race in the campaign. It also adds a multiplayer mode with four legendary lords. These lords include Count Noctilus, Aranesse Saltspite and Cylostra Direfin.
The Prophet and the Warlock April 2019 Players are now able to use Tehehauin as the new legendary lord. Additionally, the DLC introduced Ikit Claw.
The Hunter and the Beast September 2019 When purchased, it adds Markus Wulfhart, Nakai the Wanderer, as well as new units and mechanics.
The Shadow and the Blade December 2019 It introduces Deathmaster Snikch and Malus Darkblade. Similar to the previous DLCs, it adds mechanics Regiments of Renown and new units.
The Warden and the Paunch May 2020 The DLC adds Grom the Paunch and Elthorion the Grim as legendary lords.
The Twisted and the Twilight December 2020 With this DLC, Throt the Unclean, a Skaven Legendary lord and Sisters of Twilight join the game. Additionally, it adds new units, mechanics and Regiments of Renown.
The Silence and the Fury July 2021 The latest DLC introduces Oxyolt as a new Lizardmen legendary lord. He leads the Ghosts of Pahuax faction. It also adds Taurox the Brass Bull as a new Beastmen legendary lord. He leads the Slaughterhon Tribe faction.

It is important to note that the above-mentioned DLCs are available for purchase with real life money. It is believed that the game’s developer often sells the DLC’s for up to 50 percent off. It is thus recommended that players keep an eye out for specials.

However, the game has introduced free DLCs in the past. The free DLCS include but are not limited to:

  • Steps of Isha
  • Gor-Rok
  • Festag Update
  • Imnik
  • Catchweb Spidershrine
  • Skaven Chieftain

The latest free DLC is Orge Mercs. It was released in July 2021, and it allows all factions to recruit a small variety of Orge units as mercenaries.


Before players can start the game, they need to create a digital avatar. Players can choose one of the four available classes. The game’s races announced in the campaign include the High Elves, Skaven, Lizardmen and Sark Elves.

It is important to note that each class has their own unique skills and abilities. The following table indicates the name of the classes and a short description of each:

Name of race Description of race
Skaven They are a race of vicious mutant rat-men who lurk in a vast Under-Empire below the world.
Lizardmen It is important to note that the Lizardmen are not a single race. Instead, they are a society of different cold-blooded creatures. They dwell in temple cities that tower over the southern jungles.
High Elves The High Elves of Ulthuan are a proud and mighty nation. They are noble and compassionate in nature.
Dark Elves Dark Elves are a sadistic and ancient race of Elves. They are particularly interested in claiming the Vortex for their dark and twisted agenda.




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