STFC: Incursion Store

STFC’s Incursion Store is a limited-time store that allows players to purchase valuable items in with Incursion Coins.

There are various in-game events and modes in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). One of the events that you can participate in is Infinite Incursions. During this event, servers will be pitted against one another in a battle for dominance.

While this event is active, players can purchase valuable items from the limited-time Incursion Store. To open this store, you have to open the in-game store and select the “Event” tab to explore the Incursion Store.

STFC: Incursion Store
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There are numerous items available for purchase in this store, however, some items are more valuable than others. When you open the Incursion Store, you will notice that there are numerous officer shards and ship blueprints.

We recommend that you purchase the items that are difficult to source in the game and items that you cannot farm or procure in STFC.

If you have already collected Spock and Kirk, you should collect Seven of Nine as she is quite difficult to acquire through normal gameplay.

Another officer you can acquire is Locutus, who is available to procure through the Borg event, therefore, we recommend that you do not select him in the Incursion Store.

Commanders can also use their Incursion Coins to acquire Strike Team officers and Strange New Officers.

These officers are great in player-versus-player mode and if you are participating in that game mode, we recommend that you get them if you have not done so already.

That being said, you can collect these officers from the section 31 store, so several commanders decided not to procure them from the Incursion Store.

Infinite Incursions schedule

Although the Infinite Incursion event concluded, it will return to STFC in the near future. Allegedly, the event will follow the same schedule every time it is active.

In the table below there is a preparation schedule for Infinite Incursion:

Preparation category Days active
Material Advantage XSLB Saturday, 2 December 2023 until Monday, 4 December 2023
Incursion Prep: Infrastructure Day 1 Saturday, 2 December 2023 until Sunday, 3 December 2023
Incursion Prep: Building Bonds ALB Saturday, 2 December 2023 until Monday, 4 December 2023
Incursion Prep: Server MS Saturday, 2 December 2023 until Monday, 4 December 2023
Incursion Prep: Infrastructure Day 2 Sunday,3 December 2023 until Monday, 4 December 2023

Once the preparation phase is over, players can enjoy the Infinite Incursion event by battling other players to earn rewards.

Who can participate in Infinite Incursions?

In order to earn Incursion Coins, you have to participate in the Infinite Incursions event. All commanders level 25 and higher can enjoy this event, and special events leading up to the Incursions are open to players level 10 and higher.

That being said, special events also run alongside Infinite Incursions, but only players level 25 and higher can enjoy these events.

To join the event, you have to spend 10 Incursion Conduits to invade the opposing server. When you invade the server, you will be placed in the same station slot that you equipped on your home server. You then have to fight against other players to earn rewards.


One of the officers available from the Incursion Store is Odo, who is very difficult to procure through regular gameplay.

Allegedly, the only way to obtain this officer is by participating in The Syndicate event, but it is not always guaranteed that you will collect him.

Similarly to other officers in STFC, Odo has several abilities from which you can benefit. However, he does not have a Captain’s Maneuver, which means that if you assign Odo as the captain of the ship, you will not get any benefits.

The following table lists Odo’s abilities and a description of each:

Ability type Ability Description
Below Decks Ability Right is Might This officer increases critical hit damage by 20 percent, but this ability is only activated when he is assigned to the below-decks slot.
Officer Ability Fluidic Strength Odo increases base Armor, Shield Deflection and Dodge by 40 percent against Solo Armadas. This ability only activates when he is assigned to the bridge of a ship.

If you collect Odo from the Incursion Store, you can use him with other officers to destroy opponents. Some players use Odo with SNW Pike, SNW Spock, Jeylah and Hugh. You can also use him with Janeway, Tal, Nero and Hugh with Odo.

Ships available in the Incursion Store

Commanders were able to purchase blueprints for the USS Titan-A, Mantis and USS Defiant.

According to YouTuber, Grand Admiral Hunter, you can get the Defiant through the Bajoran Faction Store, therefore, he does not recommend that you collect the ship via the Incursion Store.

Instead, he advises all STFC players who are yet to construct the Mantis to do so while the event and store are active.

This is because the Mantis will advance your syndicate level exponentially and can be quite difficult to obtain through normal gameplay.

If you are yet to obtain the Titan-A and you do have the Mantis, we recommend that you use your Incursion Coins to get the Titan-A.

Although this vessel will provide a boost to your fleet, it does require that you complete a lot of research.

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