MSF: Incursion II Mutant

During Incursion II in MSF, you have to progress through the Mutant lane to earn rewards, however, there are specific characters that you can use to ensure success

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you can battle alongside arch-rivals and allies to prevent an assault on Earth from happening.

Players can mix and match characters from all corners of the multiverse for an experience unlike any other mobile game.

Incursion II Mutant

In addition to following the main arc, players can enjoy several game modes, one of which is the Incursion II. This new version of the Incursion raid was released on Monday, 20 November 2023 and it was designed to be more challenging.

Similarly to the normal Incursion raid, Incursion II will have Mystic, Tech, Mutant, Bio, Skill lanes. This means that you need to use specific characters to qualify for the lane.

MSF: Incursion II Mutant
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In Incursion II Raids, you will not encounter any combat modifiers, which means that there are more opportunities for various teams.

There are numerous Mutant characters that you can use to complete the Mutant Lane, however, some characters perform better than others, especially when they are upgraded.

When you reach the Mutant lane, it is advisable that you use the Death Seed characters along with Apocalypse. In other words, players should use Archangel, Dark Beast, Magneto, Apocalypse and Nemesis.

This, however, does not mean that you cannot experiment with other Mutant characters to see which team works better based on your gameplay.

Before starting the Mutant lane, we recommend that you ensure that every character is assigned to the correct ISO-8 class to increase their efficiency on the battlefield.

How to acquire the characters

If you are yet to acquire the recommended Mutant Lane characters, you should obtain them as soon as possible.

The table below lists how you can procure every character:

Character How to procure
Archangel You have to earn points in the Death Scourge event to acquire his shards.
Dark Beast Players can get his shards from the Premium Orbs, Supplies and Nexus Hard Mode 2-9.
Magneto To procure his shards, you have to participate in the Asteroid M event.
Apocalypse Players must clear Apocalypse Saga on difficulty 2 to unlock him.
Nemesis You can acquire his shards from the Mega Orb, Premium Orb and the “Supplies” tab.

Recommended ISO-8 classes

As previously explained, you need to ensure that all your characters have an ISO-8 class assigned to them to increase their efficiency on the battlefield.

The recommended ISO-8 classes for the Mutant lane characters are:

Character Recommended ISO-8 class
Archangel The Raider class will maximize his efficiency and help him reach his full potential.
Dark Beast If you apply the Skirmisher class to him, the chances that he will apply Bleed, Blind and Ability Block on his enemies will increase.
Magneto We recommend that you equip him with the Raider class.
Apocalypse If he has enough focus, use the Striker Class, but if he does not , you should assign the Skirmisher class.
Nemesis Although he plays a supporting role in the Death Seed team, it does not mean he should be assigned to the healer class. We recommend that you assign the Raider class to him.

Incursion II

Before participating in the Incursion II raid, you will get the opportunity to select the difficulty you want to complete the raid on.

There are 4 difficulties to choose from, one of which is the normal difficulty, and the others are more challenging than the normal difficulties.

To complete the raid on the normal difficulty as well as the first and second difficulty, you need T2 Level 3 ISO-8.

Difficulty 3, on the other hand, requires T2 Level 4 ISO-8. We recommend that you are at least level 95 with 7 Yellow Stars, 6 Red Stars and Gear Tier 16.

If you are successful in this raid, you will receive Gear Tier 18 gear pieces and Elite Raid Credits, which can be used to purchase Awakened Ability Materials for Legendary Characters.

Additional lanes

In addition to the Mutant lane, you need to progress through the Mystic, Tech, Bio and Skill lanes in MSF. Every lane requires that you use specific characters, however, recommend the following:

Lane Recommended characters
  • Darkhawk
  • Iron Man (Infinity War)
  • Kestrel
  • Rescue
  • Ironheart (MK II)
  • Winter Soldier
  • U.S Agent
  • Captain America
  • Captain Carter
  • Agent Venom

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