STFC: Incursions

The Infinite Incursions event in STFC allows you to invade another servers to attack other players, but it is unknown when it will take place.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling mobile game that combines role-playing elements with strategic battles.

Since it is based on the well-renowned series, Star Trek, you will likely experience similar characters, storylines, and locations as those in other versions of the game.

When you first start playing STFC, you have to complete an introductory tutorial to familiarise yourself with its mechanics. You will then get access to a single ship and space station, which you can use to advance in the game.

In addition to the main quest, you can defeat enemies, explore star systems, and participate in events, one of which is Infinite Incursions.

What is an event?

An in-game event allows players to experience a video game in a new, thrilling way for a limited period of time. Some of the most successful in-game events are limited-time obstacles, challenges, and tournaments.

Keep in mind that these activities usually require that you actively complete tasks, missions, and objectives to earn great rewards. The items that players receive in an in-game event can sometimes only be acquired from that event.

Games can host various types of events, such as a player-versus-player events where you have to defeat other players to win. Another type of event that you can enjoy is a themed event, which corresponds with real-life occasions, such as Christmas.

STFC: Incursions

Infinite Incursions is one of the many player-versus-player events that you can enjoy in STFC. For this event, your server will be pitted against another server in a battle for dominance.

This event scores from an entire server’s effort, which makes it STFC’s most collaborative event to date.

STFC: Incursions
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In order to participate in this event, you must at least be on level 25, however, special events leading up to the Incursions will be open to players on level 10 and higher. If you are level 25, you can spend 10 Incursion Conduits to invade the opposing server.

Before you can invade a server, your home server must be matched. Several factors are taken into consideration to match servers, including server age and population. The objective is for both servers to have close-equal strength.

Upon invading the enemy server, you are automatically placed in the same station slot that you occupied on your home server.

However, if the slot is occupied, players are placed in the next available slot in that system. Invading players can use normal relocation tokens to move between systems after they have invaded a server.

During Incursions, all peace shields are suppressed in systems that are level 20 and higher, and you cannot activate a new shield. In systems that are level 19 and below, shields function normally. Shields return to normal when the Incursion ends.

That being said, an Incursion event is only active for 24 hours at a time. In this time, supporting events will require a back and forth between defending and invading. The servers will thus take turns to defend and to invade.

Incursions event structure

It is crucial to note that there are certain periods during the Incursion event which are specifically for invading and defending. The table below serves as a guideline for the Incursions event structure:

Server Hour 1 – 6 Hour 7 – 12 Hour 13 – 18 Hour 19 – 24
A Invading Defending Invading Defending
B Defending Invading Defending Invading

Although you have specific invading and defending times, you can choose to invade the enemy server during the defend window. However, the structure of the event does not change if you are invading the enemies in a defending timeslot.


In addition to the individual rewards, which includes a new office or a new avatar, each server that wins the Incursion event receives a server-wide buff.

This buff applies to all the players on the server, but if you did not participate in the event, you do not receive it, even if your server won.

Keep in mind that this buff is only active for a week after the event has concluded. The buff will either be a build speed or a research speed buff, and the buff strength will be based on players’ operations level.

When do Incursions take place?

Unfortunately, there is no schedule for the Infinite Incursions event, however, some STFC players believe that it takes place every 2 weeks. It is thus advised that you regularly check the in-game events to see when the event will occur.

Alternatively, you can keep an eye on STFC’s official social media pages as they often post their in-game events for marketing purposes.

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