STFC: Janeway Crew

There are several crew options for STFC’s Kathryn Janeway, so players should experiment with crew members to find the perfect combination

Players can encounter legendary Star Trek characters, locations and ships in this explorative mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

To progress in the game, you have to complete space-based missions, explore galaxies and construct crews. One of the officers that you can acquire is Katheryn Janeway, though players are curious to know what the best crew is for her.

Who is Kathryn Janeway?

According to Star Trek lore, Kathryn Janeway served as the captain of the Starfleet starship, USS Voyager, while it was lost in the Delta Quadrant on the other side of the galaxy.

When she returned to the Alpha Quadrant, she was promoted to vice admiral, and she briefly appeared in the Star Trek: Nemesis film.

Although there are other female captains in the Star Trek franchise, Janeway was the first to serve as the central character of a live-action Star Trek series. Janeway has since made her way into STFC, and players can now add her to their arsenal.

STFC: Janeway Crew

There are various crews that players can build in STFC, each of which serves a specific purpose. Although players can select members for a crew randomly, it is not recommended.

This is because some characters enhance each other’s capabilities when they are assigned to the same team, which means that the crew becomes stronger.

Since STFC announced Janeway’s arrival, players have been wondering which crew they should use with her. The effectiveness of a crew in a situation can vary based on your personal preference, the specific ships and modules being used.

STFC: Janeway Crew
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With this in mind, there are several characters that you can use to get a strong crew lineup for Janeway:

Character Description
Lieutenant Valeris Valeris is an excellent Engineering officer who provides numerous defensive bonuses to the ship. Her abilities enhance Shield Deflection, Hull Health and Damage Reduction.
Saru Saru is a great choice for Janeway’s crew, as he has tactical skills which can enhance the ship’s damage potential and critical hit capabilities
Khan His operation skills complement Janeway’s playstyle well. His abilities focus on improving the vessel’s firepower, critical hit chances and damage output
Seven of Nine Seven of Nine is an excellent choice for Janeway’s crew as her abilities can enhance a ship’s survivability. She can increase Shield and Hull regeneration and reduce incoming damage

Players should note that there is no set crew that you can use with Janeway as Captain. Instead you can experiment with the mentioned members to see which crew combination works the best for your playstyle.

Which ships should Janeway use?

We recommend that Captain Janeway and the characters mentioned earlier use a Science Vessel or an Explorer-type ship. Here are a few ship options to consider:

Ship Description
USS Discovery This Science Vessel specializes in Science-related tasks. It synergizes extremely well with Janeway’s Command abilities and the Science-oriented crew members in terms of improving survivability and increasing damage output.
USS Mayflower This vessel provides a good balance of offense and defense. It features high base damage and speed, which makes it effective in combat situations. However, it will not fully utilize Janeway’s abilities.
USS Franklin This powerful Explorer provides bonuses to both science and tactical statistics. It synergizes extremely well with Janeway’s abilities and Seven of Nine’s Science skills.

Players should consider a vessel’s base statistics, its role in combat and the synergy it has with the crew’s abilities in selecting a ship. You should therefore experiment with different ship types and find one that suits your playstyle.

Janeway’s abilities

Similarly to other Officers in STFC, Janeway possesses unique abilities that players can use to their advantage, which are as follows:

Ability type Ability Description
Captain Maneuver Red Alert! Raise Shields! When you take hull damage from a non-player enemy or armada, it increases shield mitigation for 1 round
Officer Ability Bend the Rules Increases Isolytic damage against PvE

Players should consider Janeway’s abilities before selecting crew members, as some characters will enhance her capabilities while others will have no effect on her abilities.

How to acquire Janeway

STFC generally hosts an in-game event to celebrate the arrival of a new Officer, however, this is not the case with Janeway.

To add Janeway to your arsenal, players have to progress in the Voyager arc. You will allegedly receive Janeway as a reward for completing certain quests and advancing in the game.

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