STFC: Bajoran Faction

The Bajoran Faction is one of the Factions in STFC, though it functions differently to other Factions.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exhilarating mobile game that invites players to indulge in a fictitious space realm. The game is based on the classic series, Star Trek, so you are likely to encounter similar characters, areas, and storylines in the game as those in the series.

When you first start playing STFC, your primary focus should be on increasing your level by getting experience points. As you reach higher levels, you will unlock additional activities and features. One of the features you can enjoy are Factions.

There are several Factions in STFC, one of which is the Bajoran Faction.


There are several Factions in the game, namely Augment, Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Independent. Players have a reputation with every Faction, except Independent.

Your reputation with a Faction determines your daily goals, and whether one’s ships are attacked in Faction systems or not.

It is noteworthy that you can become a member of any Faction, however, each Faction provides different benefits. It is thus recommended that you consider these benefits before choosing a Faction.

Once you have 10 million reputation points in a Faction, you will reach a Faction lock. Players can then earn reputation points for another Faction, without influencing the first Faction.

STFC: Bajoran Faction

STFC’s developer, Scopely, occasionally introduces new features, content, and activities to the game to keep players interested and engaged in it. They recently introduced the Bajoran Faction, which functions differently to other Factions.

Players can access the Faction by opening the Faction menu. If you click on the “Bajoran Faction” tab, you will discover many features, including the Bajoran reputation, which can be earned through Bajoran Badges.

These badges can be earned by exchanging bundles in the Bajoran Faction Store. You can also purchase resources with them.

To purchase a bundle from the Bajoran Faction Store, you have to acquire Antimatter units. Players can get the currency by defeating Jem’Hader enemies in Dominion space. The space realm is North West of the Federation space realm.

Once you have acquired Antimatter units, you can purchase Bajoran Badges from the Faction Store. After purchasing the badges, you can buy reputation points, model directives, and credits, among other things.

With the badges, you can also purchase an uncommon Armada, which allows you to defeat an Armada enemy solo. However, you should ensure that your fleet can defeat the Armada before purchasing the token.

By defeating these Armadas, you will be rewarded with Dominion Solo Armada Credits, and Dominion Solo Armada Edicts. Players can use these tokens to procure rewards and special loot chests in the Bajoran Faction Store.

Dominion Solo Armada Credits and Dominion Solo Armada Edicts.

Once you have Dominion Solo Armada Edicts and Dominion Solo Armada Credits, you can purchase items. A chest costs approximately 2 079 000 Credits, and you have the chance of obtaining the following items:

  • Diplomacy Token
  • Bajoran Credits
  • Trait experience points
  • Ultra-recruit token
  • Directives
  • Explorer materials
  • Survey parts
  • Battleship parts
  • Interceptor parts

Players can also use their Edicts to buy a chest. Keep in mind that 1 chest costs approximately 75 Edicts. However, you can acquire these items:

  • Common refined ore
  • Common refined gas
  • Uncommon refined crystals
  • Rare refined ore
  • Epic refined gas


In addition to the previously named items, you can also purchase an array of Favors. These items, which can be purchased with Bajoran Credits, are as follows:

Item Description
Bajoran Construction Increases Cost Efficiency of Parsteel, Titanium, and Dilithium buildings
Kira’s Furry It increases Base Weapon Damage
Bajor’s Rage It increases Base Hull Health
Shakaar’s Shield This item increases Base Shield Health Points
Prophets’ Tribute Adds Ultra Recruit tokens to the 24-hour chest. It also increases existing rewards
Prophets’ Prize This item increases loot rewards from Dominion enemies
Prophets’ Reward It increases uncommon, rare and epic Solo Armada Credits that are dropped from the Solo Armada targets

Auto Defense Shards

In the Bajoran Faction Store in STFC, you can purchase Auto Defense Shards. However, you have to be a specific rank in the Faction to purchase the shards. After purchasing a shard, you can go to your operations and open the interior.

In the new menu, you can discover Ship Abilities. Players can use the shards to purchase Automated Defenses. Once they are activated, the Automated Defenses will increase the combat power of a survey ship drastically.

This means that the ship will become more difficult to defeat while you are harvesting resources.

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