STFC: Binary Cutter

STFC’s recent update introduced the Binary Cutter Refit, and it doubles the maximum charge of the Borg Cutting Beam

In November 2023 Scopely announced that for the first time ever, STFC Commanders could add the Borg Cube to their fleet. Unfortunately, this ship is only available for players level 28 and higher.

If you meet the requirements, you can acquire its blueprints by advancing in the update 60 battle pass and by completing a specific Borg mission chain.

This vessel has a one-of-a-kind active ability known as the Cutting Beam and it allows you to do damage outside of normal combat. In order to charge this ability, you have to deal hull damage in normal combat situations with the Borg Cube.

When the ability is fully charged, players can select the ship they wish to fire upon from anywhere in the same system and select the Borg Cutting Beam Icon on the enemy pop-up.

On Tuesday, 9 January 2024, Scopely released the patch notes for update 62, which introduced new content, enemies and officers to the game. The update also added the new Binary Cutter refit specifically for the Borg Cube vessel.

STFC: Binary Cutter
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This new refit doubles the maximum charge of the Borg Cutting Beam, and it allows players to use it twice before needing to charge the weapon again.

Commanders can therefore attack an additional enemy with their Borg Cube before they need to deal hull damage to enemies in normal combat situations to charge the beam.

How to acquire the Borg Cube

Before you can equip the Binary Cutter Refit, you need to construct the Borg Cube. Players can complete the following missions to obtain the vessel’s blueprints:

Mission Objectives
The Cube Part 1
  • Meet the Ex-Borg
  • Defeat the hostile vessel
  • Examine the Borg Cube
  • Donate resources
  • Return to your station
The Cube Part 2
  • Check the alarm
  • Defeat the Romulan vessel
  • Follow the Romulans
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
The Cube Part 3
  • Check the sensor data
  • Investigate the distress signal
  • Defeat the assimilated ship
  • Scan the system
  • Follow the signal
  • Hail the Romulans
  • Flee the Borg Cube
The Cube Part 4
  • Build a Borg Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
  • Use Dilithium to locate the Borg Cube
  • Set a course for Rator
  • Disable the Borg Cube’s engines
  • Upload the virus
The Cube Part 5
  • Defeat hostiles
  • Defeat the Borg Cube
  • Beam the Ex-Borg onto the Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg Base

Binary Cutter Refit

When you have constructed the Borg Cube, you can acquire the Binary Cutter Refit to double the maximum charge of the Borg Cutting Beam. In order to unlock the Binary Cutter Refit, players must obtain the Binary Cutter Refit Shard.

Unfortunately, Commanders cannot acquire this Refit Shard by simply completing a specific quest or by participating in a certain event. The only way to procure this Shard is by purchasing the Binary Cutter Refit from the in-game store.

This item costs approximately $99.99 and can only be purchased with real money. If you are not willing to spend real money in STFC, you will not be able to get the Refit Shard. At the time of writing, there is no free path to acquiring this refit.

Should you purchase the Binary Cutter Refit?

It is noteworthy that it is not mandatory to purchase the Binary Cutter Refit. Commanders will still be able to progress in STFC normally if they do not purchase the Refit Shard.

That being said, players who decide to purchase the Refit Shard will receive a slight advantage due to the Binary Cutter Refit convenience.

If you decide not to purchase the Binary Cutter Refit you will have to charge the beam after destroying a hostile. Players who purchase the Refit Shard will be able to attack 2 hostiles before they have to charge the beam.

The Binary Cutter Refit is therefore simply a convenience and not having it will not hinder your progress in STFC.

Cube Enhancement – SMS

Cube Enhancement – SMS is a limited time event that requires that players enhance their Cutting Beam by obtaining the Binary Cutter Refit. This event began on Friday, 5 January 2024 and it will conclude on Monday, 29 January 2024.

If you acquire the Binary Cutter Refit while the event is active, you will earn 100 points. Once you have received the points, you will earn 5 Katheryn Janeway officer shards and 5 B’Elanna Torres officer shards.

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