STFC: Borg Cube Ship

For the first time ever, some Commanders will get the opportunity to add the Borg Cube Ship, which was introduced with update 60, to their fleet.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you can experience epic conflict in a vast, dynamic galaxy as you collect, build and upgrade iconic ships.

Commanders have to aid locals, fight pirates and negotiate peace in hundreds of unique missions.

Borg Cube Ship

Scopely, STFC’s developer, regularly updates the game to release new content and to resolve known bugs. Update 60, also referred to as Make It So, Part 1, was released on Tuesday, 7 November 2023.

This update revealed that for the first time ever, some players will get the opportunity to add the Borg Cube ship to their fleet.

Unlike other ships in STFC, the Borg Cube is the first ship in the game which grows in power alongside its Commander.

STFC: Borg Cube Ship
© Scopely

Starting at OPS 28, the ship grows in power based upon the strength of your Faction ships, which scales all the way to Operations level 70.

Unfortunately, this means that only Commanders level 28 and higher can build and use the ship.

The ship also features the first-ever active ship ability: Borg Cutting Beam. This ability does damage outside of normal combat.

Borg Cube

Scopely previously released the Borg Cube hostiles, which players had to defeat as they progressed in the arc. The Borg Cube hostiles are essentially armada targets that you had to destroy to earn rich rewards.

Similarly to other opponents, players can only find the Borg Cube hostiles in certain systems, however, the Borg Cube’s level determines the system that they spawn in.

A level 38 Borg Cube hostile therefore cannot be found in Semele (25) as they only spawn in Toz Rahli (38).

Borg Cube Blueprints

As explained, only players level 28 and higher can acquire the necessary blueprints to craft the new ship.

The blueprints can be claimed from the free and elite paths of the Update 60 Battle Pass. This means that you do not have to purchase the elite Battle Pass to collect blueprints to build the ship.

STFC players who are yet to reach level 28 can either rush the game to obtain the blueprints, or play the game at a steady pace to enjoy the content on  every level.

Although it is tempting to rush the game to get the blueprints for the Borg Cube ship, we do not recommend this, as you will lose out on a lot of content.

Build Borg Cube

Once you have procured the necessary blueprints, you can build the Borg Cube ship. In addition to the blueprints, you need to collect resources to complete the construction process of the ship.

After building the ship, you can upgrade the ship. Allegedly, there are 18 tiers and 90 levels that you can unlock and at its peak, this ship may surpass all other Faction Ships of the same rarity.

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