STFC: Borg Cutting Beam

The new Borg Cube vessel in STFC features a unique ability, Cutting Beam, which allows players to do damage outside of normal combat.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites players to seek out new life in a vast open galaxy and to go where no one has gone before.

As the commander of a fleet, you have to battle hostiles, recruit officers, expand your fleet, construct ships and complete space-based missions.

Borg Cutting Beam

Scopely released the patch notes for update 60 on Tuesday, 7 November 2023, and it introduced many new officers, various new missions, as well as a new ship.

For the first time ever, players level 28 and higher can add the Borg Cube vessel to their collection.

This ship is unlike any ship in STFC, as it grows with you as you progress in the game. Furthermore, it contains a unique skill called Borg Cutting Beam.

STFC: Borg Cutting Beam
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This one-of-a-kind active ship ability allows players to do damage outside of normal combat. To charge this ability, you have to deal hull damage in normal combat situations with the Borg Cube.

Once the ability is charged, you can select the ship that you wish to fire upon from anywhere in the same system. You can do so by selecting the Borg Cutting Beam icon on the enemy pop-up.

Can you attack other players with the Borg Cutting Beam?

Commanders can use the Borg Cutting Beam to attack other gamers in the PvP mode, however, you cannot use it to attack

Player Stations, Alliance Starbases and Armada Targets. Although attacking other players may sound tempting, you will receive a new resource, Technological Distinctiveness, when you destroy a PvE target.

You can refine this resource into Shape Memory Alloy and Advanced Cybernetics, which is used to upgrade the Borg Cube.

Base Damage

As you increase the tier and level of your Borg Cube, you will increase the amount of base damage that the Cutting Beam does to enemies.

The following table lists the amount of base damage that the ability does in PvE, based on its level and tier:

Level Tier Base damage
1 1 23 000
5 1 23 000
10 2 36 000
15 3 50 000
20 4 93 000
25 5 164 000
30 6 2 400 000

Tiering up the Borg Cube

The Borg Cube is meant to grow with players as they progress through STFC, and scales based on the power of your other Faction Ships. To increase the Cutting Beam’s base damage, you have to tier up the ship regularly.

Keep in mind that you need to acquire certain materials to increase the tier of your Borg Cube.

To tier up the vessel to tier 5, use Tritanium, Dilithium, 3-star Battleship Parts, 3-star Common Refined Ore, 3-star Uncommon Refined Ore, 3-star Common Refined Crystal and 3-star Uncommon Crystal.

You also have to procure Shape Memory Alloy, Borg Data Node Tier 2, Borg Data Node Tier 3, Borg Data Node Tier 4 and Borg Data Node Tier 5.

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