STFC: Cerritos Refit

In STFC, you can unlock the Refit feature for the USS Cerritos to increase the duration of its ability.

Gamers can put their strategic skills to the test in this exciting mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology from the well-renowned series, Star Trek, players will probably encounter iconic characters like Spock, Khan, Kirk, and McCoy in the game.

When you start playing STFC, you will only have access to a few ships, however, you will unlock more ships when you reach higher levels. One of the ships that you can unlock is the USS Cerritos and it recently got a refit.

How to acquire the USS Cerritos

Players have to at least be operations level 36 to construct the Cerritos. In April 2021, players were able to unlock the Cerritos by purchasing the Elite Battle Pass pack, another half unlock pack, or the full Cerritos unlock pack.

If you did not get the ship during this time, you can participate in the Lower Decks Event, which takes place every Wednesday. These events reward you with blueprints and Irivinte.

Players who do not have a Cerritos can participate in the California Class event, for which they have to destroy enemies while they are using a combat buff.

If you complete this event 10 times, you will have enough blueprints to construct the USS Cerritos.

STFC: Cerritos Refit

STFC’s developer, Scopely, introduces new features, events, and officers to the game occasionally that players can enjoy. Update 44 introduced the USS Cerritos Refit, which increases the duration of the Cerritos’ ability.

STFC: Cerritos Refit
© Scopely

The Keep It Together ability increases the support duration of a specific time while in battle. Since it is a support ship, it allows players to aid other ships, including their own. Every time you upgrade your ship, it increases the timeframe that the Cerritos will affect the targeted ship.

At level 15, players will unlock the refit feature, which provides a variety of visual cosmetics that can help you personalise your ship and gain additional ship power. There are different refits that you can unlock, which are listed in the following table:

Refit type Description
Ship Skins
  • This refit is applied to the ship itself. Skip skins are designed for specific ships, however, this refit is not available for all ships
  • It provides an additional bonus to the ship that is permanently applied and that cannot be removed
  • Removing the ship will not affect the buff
  • There are different animations for the projectiles of your ship. All projectiles have a visual effect that alters your appearance in combat. Some projectiles also contain buffs
  • Once a projective with a buff is unlocked, the buff applies to all of your ships, whether it is assigned to a specific ship or not
  • Multiple projectiles stack and thus, increase your statistics
  • Projectile buffs are permanent and they will never switch off once they are unlocked. Unequipping a projectile does not affect the buff

How to unlock Refits

In order to unlock a ship skin, you have to collect Skin-specific Shards. Players can acquire skin and projectile shards by participating in occasional in-game events. You can also get these shards from special chests and from in-game offers.

It is advisable that you keep an eye out for the in-game events, as there is no specific schedule for when the events occur.

How to access your Refits

Once you have enough shards, you can either unlock a skin or a projectile Refit. To access the Refits that you have collected, you have to open your “Ship Hangar” menu, in which you can select the “Refit” tab at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you can open the building and select “Refits”.

Players can also access the Refits by selecting a ship and clicking on the “Manage” tab where you can select the refit option to view the Refits for the specific ship.

Upgrading your USS Cerritos

Similarly to other ships in STFC, the USS Cerritos can be upgraded. To upgrade the ship, you need to accumulate 3-star materials. However, as you reach higher tiers, you need to obtain 4-star materials.

Star Trek Fleet Command: USS Cerritos
© Scopely

Since it is an explorer, you also need to spend 3-star explorer parts to upgrade it to tier 4. However, the ship also requires common, uncommon, and rare 4-star explorer parts to move to higher tiers.

Players also need Cerritos parts to upgrade the vessel. To upgrade the ship to the maximum level costs approximately 2.1 million Cerritos parts. You can procure the parts in the Cerritos Refinery, but keep in mind that the number of parts increases as you increase the tier of the ship.

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