Evony: Kingdom Collection Event

During Evony’s Kingdom Collection event, you have to obtain Triumphal Gold Cups and Triumphal Silver Cups to earn rewards

In this exhilarating video game, Evony: The King’s Return, players have to build an empire from scratch. As the lord or lady of a keep, you have to construct buildings, recruit Generals, harvest resources and train troops.

In addition to this, you can enjoy in-game events occasionally, one of which is Kingdom Collection.

Triumphal Celebration

Players can now participate in the Triumphal Celebration event, which will conclude in 5 days. This means that you have approximately until Monday, 8 May 2023, to enjoy the event.

Triumphal Celebration has several sub-events with  unique objectives and tasks for you to complete.

Triumphal Celebration consists of Victory Praise, Triumphal Parade, Tone Poem of Voyager, Kingdom Collection and Song of the Siren.

Victory Praise allows players to add Eleanor and Elise to their arsenal, though you have to complete specific tasks to collect them.

Tone Poem of Voyager invites players to learn about the history of Sirens. For every chapter you read, you will receive rich rewards.

Evony: Kingdom Collection Event

One of the sub-events you can enjoy in the Triumphal Celebration event is Kingdom Collection. This event invites players to celebrate their military achievements.

Evony: Kingdom Collection Event
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The revered elders of the empire have allegedly unlocked the kingdom’s treasures as they were impressed by your authority and strength.

In this event, you have to collect Triumphal Gold Cups and Triumphal Silver Cups to redeem rewards., There is a chance that you could obtain the General Skin, Odyssey: Douglas if you participate in this event.

It is worth noting that in order to acquire the General Skin, you first have to collect Douglas. Players who do not have Douglas in their collection cannot acquire the General Skin. Players can procure Douglas by participating in the Historic General Summoning Event.

If you manage to reach the top rankings in the Kingdom Collection event, you can acquire the Castle Decoration, Siren Island.

For the Kingdom Collection event, you have to get Triumphal Marks by completing event quests. Once you have collected enough points, you will be able to claim rewards.

Each event ranking consists of 20 Servers. Players are ranked based on the amount of Triumphal Mark that they own and get ranking rewards.

You can acquire Triumphal Gold Badges and Triumphal Goblets by harvesting resources, defeating monsters or by purchasing event packages.

Keep in mind that these items will be removed from the game when the event ends, so you should ensure that you use the items in time to receive rewards.

Historic General Summoning

As previously explained, players have to acquire Douglas before they can get the General Skin. To acquire Douglas, you have to participate in the Historic General Summoning event. This event requires Epic Historic General Glory to perform a summon.

If you do not get Douglas after 5 summons, you are guaranteed to get him with the next summon.

That being said, you can benefit from an increased summon rate for Douglas while the event is active, meaning that your chances of summoning Douglas will be increased by 600 percent.

You have to purchase a Tier-5 Event Package to procure Epic Historic General Glory. This package can be purchased for approximately $5.44.


Some quests in Evony will award you with Triumphal Mark if you complete them. The table below lists the quests that you can complete and the amount of Triumphal Mark you will receive:

Quest Triumphal Mark
Purchase 1 Basic Gem 100
Gather 1 million resources from outside the city 10
Produce and claim 1 million resources in the city 15
Offer 1 Tribute 15
Kill a level 10 or higher boss monster 100
Donate in Alliance 1
Kill 1000 Tier-10 or higher troops 1
Consume 1 Ruby Necklace 125
Consume 1 Excellent Dragon Coin 600
Consume 1 Art Treasure Scroll 50
Use a total of 60 minutes of any speedups 1

Redeem gifts

When you have obtained enough Triumphal Gold Badges and Triumphal Silver Cups, you can use them to redeem rewards.

Some of the rewards that you can acquire as well as the required quantities of items are outlined below:

Item Quantity required
Odyssey: Douglas Skin 2500 Triumphal Gold Badges
Historic General (Nordic Barbarian King) 500 Triumphal Gold Badges
Blood of Ares 5 Triumphal Gold Badges
Refining Stone 5 Triumphal Gold Badges
Runestone Chest 5 Triumphal Gold Badges
Treasure Box 25 Triumphal Gold Badges
Ramune 5 Triumphal Silver Cups
Goldfish 25 Triumphal Silver Cups
Taiyaki 70 Triumphal Silver Cups
Lucky Cat 50 Triumphal Silver Cups
Shave Ice 5 Triumphal Silver Cups

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