PSO2 NGS: How to trade with friends

PSO2: NGS does not have a trading system, however, it is still possible to trade with friends and other players.

In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), gamers can put their strategic skills to the test. As part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) organisation, you have to collaborate with a mysterious ally to defeat a powerful threat known as the DOLLS.

NGS is set in the fictitious world of Halpha, about 1000 years after the Oracle event. In addition to completing the main story, players can complete trials, defeat powerful enemies, harvest resources, procure gear, and explore a vast open world.

There is a possibility that you may receive more than 1 item in the game, which you may want to give to a friend.


Most massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) have a trading system. There are different types of trading that you could discover in video games.

One trading system enables players to trade items in exchange for an in-game currency, so the trading system functions as an in-game shop.

However, in some MMORPGs players can give a piece of equipment, an item, or a crafting material to another player without receiving in-game currency for it. Keep in mind that some items cannot be traded, as they are bound to your account, or to a specific character.

PSO2 NGS: How to trade with friends

The trading system in NGS functions a bit differently from trading systems in other MMORPGs. NGS does not allow players to trade with each other directly, instead, they have to trade through the personal shop.

In other words, 2 players cannot trade items with each other, but player 1 can place the items that player 2 wants in their personal shop.

Player 2 can then purchase the item from player 1’s personal shop. However, there is a possibility that another player will purchase the item from player 1 that was intended for player 2.

To prevent this, it is advised that you put the item at a higher price than the lowest price in the shop. For example, if an accessory that you want to trade is selling for 400 000, you should sell it for 512 000.

It is important that you include random numbers after the first digit of the price, so that the player purchasing the item can find it easier. You should thus sell the item for 123 and not 100.

Unfortunately, using this method means that you or another player will lose in-game currencies. However, if you traded an item to a friend, they could sell you a common resource for the same price to get their in-game currency back.

Bear in mind that you and your friend may have to pay personal shop taxes and lose a certain percentage of the in-game currency.

What in-game currency is needed to purchase personal shop items?

N-Meseta fuels NGS’ economy, as it allows you to purchase and upgrade items and weapons from in-game vendors. However, the currency also allows you to purchase items from other players’ Personal Shops.

This means that you need enough N-Meseta before you can trade with another player.

You can earn Meseta by completing daily, weekly, and other repeatable quests. However, you can also complete quests that are part of the main story arc to earn Meseta.

PSO2 NGS: How to trade with friends
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How to access the Personal Shop

In PSO2: NGS, the Personal Shop functions similarly to the Personal Shop in the classic PSO2, players can purchase and sell items of their choosing in a shared marketplace. You can access the personal shop by talking to the non-player character, Misha, who you can find in Central City.

It is worth noting that you cannot list items in your shop if your account does not have the Premium Status. Moreover, certain items, such as items that are collected from Star Gem scratches, cannot be listed on the marketplace.

Allegedly, every character must have completed the main story mission, Aina’s Resolve, to access the Personal Shop. In other words, the Personal Shop access is individual, and not account-wide.

Premium status

To achieve the premium status, you have to purchase the premium currency, AC, with real-life money. Once you have accumulated enough AC, you can open the in-game menu and click on the AC shop.

Here, you will be able to purchase the Premium Set, which has a range of advantages. Players with the premium set get access to additional storage, receive premium food effects, have access to the premium login bonus panel, and they can take additional side-tasks.

It is essential to note that the premium status is not required to advance in NGS.

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