How to hide your gear in PSO2:NGS

Unfortunately, you cannot hide your gear in PSO2: NGS, however, you can equip camos and cosmetics.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an adventurous video game that combines role-playing with tactical gameplay.

As you progress in the game, you will come across various gear and weapons. You can equip your character with gear and weapons to defeat foes.

Many PSO2: NGS players have been curious about whether it is possible to hide their character’s gear.

What is the objective of weapons and gear?

When you first start playing PSO2: NGS, your character will be equipped with basic gear. In the early-game phase, the enemies that you have to defeat are low level, meaning that they are not very powerful.

However, as you reach higher levels, the enemies will become stronger, which means that you will also have to upgrade your gear and weapons. Weapons and gear help gamers to vanquish enemies as they explore the fictional world.

It is imperative that you update your weapons and gear regularly. If you do not update your weapons and gear, you may struggle to defeat enemies.

How to hide your gear in PSO2:NGS

All gear and weapons in PSO2: NGS have unique appearances. If you are not happy with your gear’s appearance, you can equip a cosmetic or change the gear’s colours to your preferences. Unfortunately, there is no way for players to hide their gear.

Allegedly, there is an option that allows players to hide decorations on outfits. Unfortunately, the method used to hide some of your character’s outfit decorations is still undetermined.

You should explore the settings in PSO2: NGS to find the option that allows you to hide decorations.

With regard to hiding your character’s weapons, you can acquire a weapon stealth camo that will hide your weapons. The weapon camo system allows you to change your weapon’s external appearance without changing its function.

Only 1 weapon camo can be slotted at a time. When a weapon camo item is slotted, it will alter the appearance of all weapons in its applicable categories.

Unfortunately, the stealth weapon camo is extremely hard to come by, since they can only be bought with a mission badge in Phantasy Star Online 2. In order to access the base version, you need to have access to a mission pass.

If you cannot purchase the stealth weapon camo, you can purchase the Bio and Live Cellular camos at the photon shop in base PSO2. If you slot these camos, your character will appear weaponless and hence, he or she will fight enemies with bare hands.

How to hide your gear in PSO2:NGS
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How to slot a weapon camo

Once you have acquired a stealth weapon camo, you have to slot the camo to your character. To do this, you can open the main menu and click on the “Inventory” option. In this menu, you will find the customizing option that allows you to slot a weapon camo.

If you want to remove a camo, you can simply select the  “Remove” option to restore the appearance of the weapon that it altered.

It is crucial to note that only 1 weapon camo can be slotted at a time. If you equip a new camo while a camo is slotted, it will replace the previous one.

Will you be able to hide gear in the future?

Currently, it is whether you will be able to hide your weapons and gear in the future or not. However, there is a chance that Sega, the developer of PSO2:NGS, will introduce the feature. This is because several players are interested in hiding their gear.

It is recommended that you keep an eye on PSO2:NGS’s official website as all information is released on the site.

How to change your gear’s colour

Unfortunately, you cannot hide your gear in PSO2:NGS, but you can equip cosmetic items and change the colour of your gear. To do this, you have to head to the in-game salon, which allows you to edit your character’s details.

Players can change the colour of certain parts of PSO2: NGS, such as basewear, setwear, and innerwear. Changing the colour of an item requires an N-Colour-Pass.

If you have an active premium set, you can re-edit characters that have been edited using an N-Colour-Change Pass within 60 minutes of the initial use of a pass, without using a second pass.

The time will only decrease while you are logged in. Players can see how much time they have left by checking the message displayed when they enter the Salon.

You can acquire a Colour-Change Pass by exchanging applicable items in the Swap Shop.

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