KonoSuba Fantastic Days reroll guide

Even though KonoSuba Fantastic Days does not allow players to “reroll until you’re happy,” players are still able to reroll for a chance at better characters.

KonoSuba anime is one of best comedy anime with ecchi content. The story focuses on Kazuma Sato who, after suffering an untimely death, has chosen to reincarnate in a parallel universe rife with massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) elements. As his only wish before moving onto this world, Kazuma chooses the goddess, Aqua to accompany him, who reluctantly agrees. What ensues is a long series of shenanigans and hijinks, as the duo travels and gets to know each other further.

In the RPG world, viewers will discover that Aqua and Kazuma are doing quests with allies, Darkness, Megumin and Wiz. Each ally possesses unique skills. Wiz is a witch who mainly deals magic damage. Megumin is a powerful destroyer with explosive skills. While Darkness is a knight and takes on the tank role.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days is a mobile game based on the anime. It is an amazing anime RPG briming with laughter, fantasy and explosions. The official game description states, “You have been summoned, brave traveller, to a world threated by the devil king’s army. The path may be long and perilous, but do not fear. You would not be going empty-handed, joining your party will be all the KonoSuba characters you know and love, along with fresh new faces.”

Players can obtain multiple characters throughout the game. However, if the player is unhappy with their characters, they can choose to reroll.

What is rerolling?

Rerolling is a process where the player deliberately uninstalls and reinstalls the game or bypasses the system by using an emulator. Players do this so that they can complete the tutorial multiple times, in order to get the free rewards. Players will then spend their early premium currency to take a spin or two at the gacha machine. Players are also able to exchange a single four-star ticket for a guaranteed four-star character.

While the game does not give players the “reroll until you are happy” option, players are still able to reroll for a chance at better characters.

In KonoSuba, the rerolling process is very easy and fast, particularly since the game has a skippable tutorial. After which the player can perform a free 10x summoning. In other words, the process takes about a minute or so after the player begins. However, it can be extended if the player wants to summon 20 characters instead of 10 per run.

Is rerolling mandatory?

Players should remember that rerolling is completely optional. No player is required to reroll, should they obtain less-than-ideal units. KonoSuba Fantastic Days is completely playable without the top-tier characters; however, players will progress a little slower. Furthermore, players may find themselves struggling at certain points in the game.

Rerolling in seven simple steps:

  1. The player should open KonoSuba: Fantastic Days.
  2. The player should not log in with their main account. Instead, they should sign in with a guest account.
  3. Players can play through or skip the tutorial.
  4. Players can then roll for a character. If they obtain the character they want, they can continue with the game. If not, the player should proceed with the following steps.
  5. Players should uninstall, then reinstall the game.
  6. Players can repeat the previous steps until they received the character that they want.
  7. Players should link their guest account to Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Instagram or Twitch whenever they want, by visiting the menu.

For a more detailed reroll guide, or an alternative method, players can continue reading.

How to reroll

Guest account

To reroll in KonoSuba Fantastic Days, players need to log in as a guest. When the player starts the game, they will be asked to choose a login method: Guest, Apple Identification, Google Play Games, or Nexon Identification.

The player should choose to log in as a guest.


Players should go through the tutorial, skip the movie and claim 10 gacha tutorial rewards. The rewards can be obtained in the mailbox. Once the player has enough currency for a 10x gacha pull, they should go to the recruit menu and spend the currency

Reroll targets

It is recommended that players reroll until they obtain a four-star character such as Melissa or Iris.

What if the player does not get a top tier character?

If the player does not obtain any top-tier characters, then they can reroll. Players who choose to reroll can go to the game menu and click on the profile button. When the player clicks on the profile button, a new screen will appear where they will see an option to remove or reset the account. The player should then enter, “Reset Account” in the input box and select the OK button.

The player can then play through the tutorial mode once more and obtain the rewards in order to reroll. Players can repeat the previous steps until they receive the desirable characters.

How to speed up the rerolling process

While the odds of getting good characters from the gacha are always the same, regardless of the method, players can significantly expedite the reroll process by playing in multiple instances at the same time. This means, that instead of performing a single 10x per pull, players will be able to roll double, triple, quadruple or even more than that. The number of pulls depends on how many instances the personal computer (PC) can handle.

This can only be achieved through the BlueStacks Instance Manager. It is a tool that allows the user to create multiple instances of BlueStacks and access KonoSuba with all of them simultaneously. This lets the player reroll on multiple accounts at the same time, therefore, speeding up the process.

This tool cannot directly increase the odds of getting good characters, however, players will be rerolling much faster on several accounts at the same time.

In order to access this tool, players should first install BlueStacks. After obtaining the program, the player should simply press control, shift and eight simultaneously. In the new screen, players can click on the “New Instance” button to create another instance of the emulator.

Players can do this as many times as they want, as long as their PC can handle it. Furthermore, players can also activate the Instance Sync Feature by pressing control, shift and nine together. This allows the player to progress on all active instances while only playing on the main window.

The way this works is that, when the Sync is activated, BlueStacks will mirror all the actions the player performs on their main window across all other active instances. This allows the player to progress on all of the instances, without the extra effort.

Alternative methods

Players can uninstall and reinstall the game as an alternative method to get higher tier characters.

Alternative methods for Android devices

The player can begin by downloading a virtual private network (VPN). Players can choose any VPN, including NordVP, OpenVPN and Tunnelbear, among others. The user should download the game from the Japanese Google Play store, or from QooApp. After the download, players can start the game.

The game will begin with a tutorial mission, however, players can choose to skip it. The player will then obtain rewards in their mailbox. After collecting the rewards, the player can go to the recruit menu. Players can then pull to obtain a character. Repeat the 10-pull procedure and collect the four-star ticket. Players can use the four-star ticket to obtain a four-star character. If the player is unhappy with the character, they can uninstall the game and reroll.

Alternative methods for iOS devices

If the player is using an iOS device, they will need to download an Android emulator on their PC. Players can then do the reroll and migrate their account. Players are able to data transfer their account to their mobile devices once they are done rerolling without any issue.

However, it is recommended that the player waits until after they are done re-rolling to take the batch-download. If the player is using Nox Player, an Android emulator, on Mac or Windows, they have to ensure that it is running version seven of Android.

What characters can the player obtain?

Players can obtain over 37 characters. The characters include, but are not limited to:

Tier Character Element Main role
SS+ Tier Iris Light Attacker (physical)
SS Tier Melissa Dark Attacker (Physical)
S+ Tier Amy Wind Support
S+ Tier Erika Fire Attacker (Physical)
S+ Tier Erika Thunder Supporter
S Tier Megumin Fire Attacker (Magic)
S Tier Cielo Wind Support
S Tier Chris Wind Attacker (Physical)


Rerolling is a process where the player uninstalls and reinstalls a game, or bypasses the system by using an emulator. Players do this so that they can play the tutorial a few times in order to get high tier characters and rewards.

In KonoSuba, the rerolling process is very fast and easy, especially since the game has a skippable tutorial, after which the player can perform a free 10x pull. This means that the process takes approximately a minute after the player begins. That being said, it can be extended if the player chooses to pull 20 characters instead of 10 per run.

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