KonoSuba Fantastic Days tier list

The best character that players should be aiming for is Melissa: Treasure Hunter, however, players should not worry too much about tier lists.

KonoSuba anime is one of the best comedy genre anime with ecchi content. The main character is Kazuma, who, after life, chooses to enter the role-playing gaming (RPG) world and defeats the devil king. Aqua is the goddess who accompanies him on the journey. KonoSuba currently has two seasons and a movie.

In the RPG world, players will find Aqua and Kazuma doing the quests with allies Darkness, Wiz and Megumin, among others. Each ally possesses unique skills. Darkness is a knight and takes on the tank role. Wiz is a witch and deals magic damage. Megumin is a powerful destroyer with explosive skills.

KonoSuba Fantastic Days is a mobile game based on this anime. It is a spectacular anime RPG briming with fantasy, laughter and explosions. The official description states, “You have been summoned, brave traveller, to a world threated by the devil king’s army. The path may be long and perilous, but do not fear. You would not be going empty-handed, joining your party will be all the KonoSuba characters you know and love, along with fresh new faces.”

In this guide, players can see which characters form part of which tiers. Players will also discover which characters are the best and which ones are seen as the worst. The characters have been ranked in five major tiers: tier zero, tier one, tier two, tier three and tier four. Each tier has a specific description.

In tier zero, players will discover some of the most overpowered characters in the game. Tier one features the best characters, tier two has good characters, while tier three features decent characters, and tier four has average, basic characters.

Tier zero

This tier consists of mostly four-star characters with amazing performance ratings. These characters are very overpowered and are the best characters in the game.

Melissa: Treasure Hunter

Melissa has the entire package. From early game to late game, and in every single Arena team, Melissa is the first choice as a damage dealer. She is practically flawless. Melissa is blessed with a really high attack, agility, a debuff and element. If the player is planning to reroll, it is recommended that they reroll for Melissa.

Players should not confuse her with Melissa: Elegance, who is the summer version of Melissa. Despite also being four-stars, the summer variant has fewer desirable skills, and is not as good as Melissa: Treasure Hunter.

Tier one

These are mostly four-star and three-star characters with a performance rating of eight, or nine, out of 10. These characters are not seen as the best, however, they are still decent units.

Iris: Royal Holiday

Iris has the highest base attack statistics in the game. When coupled with skills, like her physical attack buff, she is the hardest physical attacker in the game. Iris only loses against Melissa, as she is not as versatile. She can do very well against world bosses, due to the combination of high parameters and a strong target skill.

Megumin: Explosive

The Arch Wizard is the gold standard of magic damage in the game. She can melt enemies, especially those who are weakened by fire. Megumin’s ultimate is the hardest hitting ultimate in the game. While it does take her out of the fight, when used strategically, she will end the fight. Her ultimate can also pull out a useful backline unit for synergy purposes. This unit is ideal for arenas.

Chris: High-flying Thief

She has one of the best debuffs in the game. Chris has the ability to paralyze enemy teams, pair that with really high agility, she is a staple in physical teams due to the support she provides. This unit possesses a rare and useful area of effect (AoE) speed debuff ability. Even far in the future in the Japanese version of the game, Chris is still very relevant.

Erika: Dancing Adventurer

She is extremely good in physical teams. Having her in the team makes quick work of the enemy boss, due to her fire element. Erika also has a highly desirable physical attack buff, which is very useful to the party. When she is paired with Iris, any boss will be defeated in a matter of seconds. Her performances increase with a dagger that improves agility.

Other characters that form part of this tier includes:

  • Chris: Maid to Loot
  • Chris: My Treasure
  • Iris: Siblings
  • Iris: First Casino Foray

Tier two

These characters are mostly three-stars, with a performance rating of seven out of 10. These characters are above average.

Cielo: Dancing Adventurer

She is the best healer in the game and will remain the best in the future as well. Unfortunately, the meta is heavily skewed towards damage characters. Nevertheless, if the player needs a healer, Cielo is the one to choose.

Dust: Delinquent Adventurer

Dust is very similar to Chris. They are both great support for physical teams, while still offering solid damage per second (DPS). However, Chris has a higher impact level in fights, but Dust is no slouch with his solid debuff.

Wiz: Ice Witch

The Lich is a great water element magic damage dealer. Even though she does not hit as hard as Megumin, she makes up for it thanks to her self-sustaining skills. Wiz’s weakness is that she suffers in terms of synergy. It is important to note, pairing her with healers will cause her to get damage by their heels.

Yunyun: Megumin’s friend

Yunyun is a solid magic attacker. She has a party-wide magic buff and it will fit into most magic teams. However, her charge can be rather slow at times.

Arue: Best Bod

Arue is very similar to Yunyun. The only difference is that Arue offers a magic defence debuff, instead of a magic buff. Arue also suffers from slow charge times.

Aqua: Nature’s beauty

She is described as a mixed unit. Aqua is a healer but is not a very good one. That being said, her ultimate deals a lot of damage, and she also deals decent buffs. Players can use her to sustain the other teammates.

Other units part of this tier include:

  • Cielo: Axel Hearts
  • Megumin: Explosive Devotion
  • Megumin: Pajama Party
  • Wiz: Sweet Dreams
  • Amy: Motherly maiden

Tier three

Characters in this tier are mostly three-star, with a rating of six out of 10. These characters can be seen as average units.

Melissa: Elegance

Summer Melissa is not a bad unit. It is just that her skills do not provide as much value when compared to the more dedicated debuffers and buffers.

Rin: Certified Wizard

She is a magic damage dealer who also loses out to those in the higher tiers. However, Rin is still a decent unit and can provide skills, buffs and debuffs to the team.

Rin: Sun-soaked

Summer Rin offers a bit of support to magic teams. Beyond that, she does not offer as much individually.

Amy: Soother of Spirits

Amy is also a healer. However, it is led to believe that she is basically the worst version of Cielo

Mitsurugi: The Chosen One

She is a solid unit that suffers from being a tank. Tanks in this game are not as impactful as the damage dealing units.

Lia: Dancer Adventurer

Lia is very similar to Mitsurugi. Unfortunately, she is not very useful as a tank.

Other units featuring in this tier includes:

  • Aqua: Hot Spring Heaven
  • Kazuma: A Ball for Tow
  • Kazuma: Household Hero
  • Yunyun: Magic Academy Memories
  • Arue: Best Bod
  • Mitsurugi: Dreamy Dealer
  • Dust: Super Sledder

Tier four

These are mostly one-star and two-star characters. They have a performance rating of below five out of 10. These characters can be described as below average units.

Kazuma: Shut-in No More

It is believed that this unit is good at nothing. However, he has a high luck statistic, which can be very helpful to any team.

Cecily: Big Siter

Cecily is a healing unit. Whereas Amy can still serve as a serviceable healer, Cecily is barely able to offer anything to the team besides mediocre heals.

Darkness: Total Ecstasy

This unit is described as the worst in the game. She is a tank that has nothing to offer due to her abysmal accuracy.

Other characters in this tier are:

  • Cecily: Cottontail Cleric
  • Rin: Winter Wonderland
  • Lia: Axel Hearts
  • Mia: Harried Housekeeper
  • Mia: Mischievous Beastman

What characters should players get?

The best character the player should be aiming for is the four-star character, Melissa: Treasure Hunter. She has been acknowledged as the best character in the game by most players. If the player manages to get her, they can stop rerolling and keep that account.

Besides Melissa as the player’s top priority, players can also aim for four-star Megumin: Explosion and four-star Lisa: Royal Holiday. These two units are considered top tier two. However, at the end of the day, it is recommended that the player focus on pulling their favourite characters. They do not need to worry too much about tier lists.

Players should remember that they are playing the game for fun and should not treat the game like a chore.

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