Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide

There are two options when rerolling in Alchemy Stars can be done by using Android phone and by using BlueStacks emulator for PC.

Both method works if you have patience and more time to spare.

How to Reroll in Alchemy Stars Without Emulator?

#1 Use Multiple Accounts App

This method works on Android phones only. You need to download an app called Multiple Accounts in the Google Playstore.

  • Step #1 Download Multiple Accounts.
  • Step #2 Open the app and add Alchemy Stars to the dashboard.
  • Step #3 Launch the game using Multiple Accounts and finish the tutorial.
  • Step #4 Spend all the free Lumambers and if you didn’t get 6-star Aurorians, proceed to the next step. If you get 6-star, congratulations! You don’t need to do rerolling again.
  • Step #5 Close the Alchemy Stars and Multiple Accounts app.
  • Step #6 Go to the app settings and clear Multiple Accounts’ cache.
  • Step #7 Download the necessary data then repeat steps #3 and #4.

This method is really easy to do and can save you lots of data since you’re not downloading 2GB of game file for every reroll. You just need to clear the cache and relaunch Alchemy Stars using the app dashboard instead of launching it directly.

#2 Use Dummy Emails

Use salted emails when creating an account by adding different combinations of periods into your email.,,, etc.

The disadvantage is you might not be able to bind your Facebook/Twitter later for rewards (unclear if multi-bind will be allowed, will update).

Disadvantage: You will spend a lot of time finishing the tutorial which can be boring and may not be worth it.

#3 Finish Mission 1-4 (Short Reroll)

  • Once you have the app ready, start the game and pick the guest option. (You can bind your email/Twitter/Facebook later and claim any rewards you have. You can’t unbind your Gmail or other accounts?)
  • For the beta we finished the tutorial after coming to the menu for 1-4 which is a cutscene, just play and skip it. This will take around 6 minutes from the start of the app. The pre-register reward gave us 600 Lumamber (premium currency) and 2 Yellow Beacons(Mainstay banner pulls).
  • A pull is worth 300 Lumamber. Once you complete the tutorial you will have 300 Lumamber, an additional 1500 Lumamber will be in the mail, and 1 Yellow Beacon from the daily login event.
  • That’s 2400 Lumamber and 3 Yellow Beacons total. You can spend the Lumamber for 8 pulls on the Rate Up Banner/Mainstay Banner or 16 Pulls into the Beginner Banner which is 50% off. (Warning 6* rate seems to be worse on beginner banner due to the guarantee 6* at the 21st pull). 3 Yellow Beacons will be 3 Mainstay Banner pulls.


How to Reroll in Alchemy Stars Using BlueStacks Emulator?

To reroll using BlueStacks, you’re gonna need BlueStacks 5 64-bit emulator.

Note: If it freezes for the first time on the BlueStacks don’t worry just load the game again and you’ll be able to play it.

PartTimerZack made a really clear tutorial on how to reroll using BlueStacks. Watch his video for a detailed and clear tutorial.


Do I have to download the 75mb every time I reroll?

BlueStacks is one of the easiest ways to reroll. Just make sure you don’t mess with that base.

I can’t download Alchemy Stars on my emulator. Why?

Make sure BlueStacks is running as 64-bit. There is a known issue of this game not running in 32-bit for some reason.

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