Hero Wars: Mysterious Island

The Mysterious Island in Hero Wars invites players to explore a limited-time map to earn rich rewards, however, you have to collect Explorer’s Moves to open the map.

You can battle the Archdemon and his evil army in this exhilarating video game, Hero Wars. Players can power up their heroes, unlock numerous skills, train their army and forge a guild to progress in the game.

Hero Wars’ developer, Nexters, updates the game regularly to ensure that you have the best gaming experience.

Mysterious Island

Nexters recently released an update for Hero Wars which introduced various new features for you to enjoy, including the Mysterious Island. This limited-time activity officially launched in the game on Saturday, 7 October 2023.

To enter the new activity, you have to go to the Special Season tab on the main game screen and select the Mysterious Island.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to enjoy the Mysterious Island if you do not have any Explorer Moves though.

Players can acquire this special item by unlocking some Special Season levels or by purchasing the Subscription which gives you 2 Explorer’s Moves daily while your subscription is active.

If you purchase the Subscription, you will receive emeralds and VIP Points on a one-off basis.

After earning Explorer’s Moves, you can explore the new map. As you progress along the map, you may discover blue question marks as move opportunities.

You have to continue your way across the map until you reach the tower. It is noteworthy that you will earn rich rewards if you explore the Mysterious Island map.

Hero Wars: Mysterious Island
© Nexters


If you unlock certain nodes in the Mysterious Island activity, you will receive rich rewards. The following table lists some of the rewards that you can earn:

Node Reward
  • 5 Explorer’s Moves
  • 500 Emeralds
  • 300 Agility Skin Stone
  • 3 Chaos Cores
  • 5 Cosmic Artifact Chests
  • 500 Emeralds
  • 800 Intelligence Skin Stones
  • 50 Choice of Radiant Crystals
  • 1000 Tower Coins
  • 2 Chaos Cores
  • 50 Choice of Insignia
  • 25 Flawless Artifact Metals
  • 1000 Choice of Radiant Crystals
  • 500 Choice of Greater Insignia
  • 1000000 Gold
  • 75 Choice of Vibrant Crystal
  • 1 Legendary Gift of the Dominion
  • 2000 Emeralds

Mysterious Island Map

The Mysterious Island is a unique area in which Seasonal Adventure takes place. The map mainly comprises hexagon-shaped tiles. When you open a title, you will get a reward and clear the fog on nearby hexagons.

The objective is to explore the map by clearing the fog on all the hexagon tiles to clear the map. On some hexagons, you will encounter towers.

These buildings contain more valuable resources. The map is divided into several areas which gradually become available for exploration. As previously mentioned, to explore the Mysterious Island Map, you need Explorer’s Moves.

You can either purchase the Subscription with real money to earn Explorer’s Moves, or you can unlock Special Season levels to earn the unique item.


As previously mentioned, players can purchase a Subscription with real money to get 2 Explorer’s Moves daily. If you are interested in purchasing a Subscription, there are different options available to consider.

The varying Subscription options are as follows:

Option Description
One week You will receive 1200 Emeralds and 1200 VIP Points
Four weeks Players will receive 5000 Emeralds and 5000 VIP Points
Eight weeks This subscription is for the entire Seasonal Adventure. If you purchase it, you will receive 10 000 Emeralds, 10 000 VIP Points and a unique avatar.

Keep in mind that you will only receive 2 Explorer’s Moves on a daily basis for the duration of your Subscription. If you only purchased a week, you will receive 17 Explorer’s Moves.

That being said, it is not necessary to purchase a Subscription to enjoy the Mysterious Island activity.

Pet Season

While the Pet Season is active, you have to complete seasonal quests to earn season experience.

If you accumulate enough experience, you will level up in the event and unlock new rewards. However, it is also possible to purchase season experience after you have activated the Golden Ticket.

Hero Wars: Mysterious Island
© Nexters

Currently, this ticket costs approximately $45, but you do not have to purchase this ticket to unlock rewards. The rewards in this season are divided into 2 categories, namely the free rewards and the Golden Ticket rewards.

This essentially means that you will still receive rewards if you do not purchase the Golden Ticket. However, there are some rewards that can only be claimed if you have the Golden Ticket.

The Gift of the Sanctuary, for instance, can promote any pet you own to the next rank, but it is only available to Hero Wars players who activated their Golden Ticket.

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