Evony: Sphinx Castle

During Evony’s Expedition to Egypt event, you have to destroy Sphinx Castles to earn Expedition Points, which determines the rewards you will earn

Evony: The King’s Return is currently collaborating with the Napoleon film and to celebrate the collaboration, you can participate in various Napoleon-based events. One of these is Expedition to Egypt.

The event’s description reveals that Napoleon’s army has embarked on a journey to Egypt. If you follow him, you can destroy Sphinx Castle on the world map to earn rewards.

While the event is active, you may encounter Sphinx Castles on the world map and if you destroy them, you will receive Expedition Points.

Evony: Sphinx Castle
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The higher the level of the Sphinx Castle is that you destroy, the more points you will receive.

When joining an Alliance Rally, the points will be distributed based on the proportion of troop power sent by each member. That being said, every Rally participant will also get additional points.

After destroying a Sphinx Castle, you will receive amazing treasures, which can be claimed to receive Expedition Points and rare item rewards. It is important to note that every player has 10 chances to challenge the Sphinx Castles daily.

Attacking or initiating a Rally will consume challenge chances, but if you participate in a rally, it will not consume challenge chances.

Monarchs can purchase the Expedition to Egypt support Package to obtain a Telescope, which can be used to get the coordinates of a Hidden Sphinx.

Players can destroy the Hidden Sphinx Castles to claim treasures to earn additional Expedition Points. Keep in mind, however, that the Hidden Sphinx Castles can only be attacked by you or your Alliance members.

It can therefore be said that only you and your Alliance members can claim the treasures dropped after the Hidden Sphinx’s Castle’s destruction.

Expedition to Egypt Support Package

The Expedition to Egypt Support Package can be purchased for approximately $116.86. After purchasing the package, you will get the following items:

Item Quantity
5 000 Gems 50
Telescope 1
Epic Historic General (Premium) 1
Blood of Ares 60
Junior Blazon Chest 50
Art Treasure Scroll Chest 60
Super Resource Chest 550
Source of Life 500
3-hour Speed Up 2500
Dragon Crystal 120
Badge 120
Dragon Source Fragment 180
Tactic Scroll 550
Runestone Chest 2500
Refining Stone 3600
Material Bag (Silk Road) 200
Research Stone 700
20 000 Monarch Experience Points 80
20 000 General Experience Points 80

How to find Sphinx Castles

In order to find the Sphinx Castles, players must select the map icon on the lower right corner of the screen. You may have to scroll around the map in order to find the Sphinx Castle.

Once you find the Sphinx Castle, you will be able to attack the castle to earn rich rewards and Expedition Points.

Players can select the General as well as the troop types that you want to send to attack the castle. It is worth noting that even a level 1 Sphinx Castle can be quite difficult to defeat.

We therefore recommend that you send your strongest troops and General to attack the castle.

After successfully destroying the Sphinx Castle, you will receive valuable rewards and Expedition Points.


For every Sphinx Castle that you successfully destroy, you have a chance of receiving a Supply Box, a Military Box or a Treasure Box.

Each of these boxes contain unique items that can help you progress in Evony. The contents of each box are:

Box Contents
Supply Box Players have a 25% chance of receiving:

  • Level 1 Resource Chest
  • Level 2 Resource Chest
  • 1-Hour Speedup for Researching
  • 50 000 Gold
Military Box
  • You have a 12% chance of receiving a Forge Master Certificates
  • Monarchs have a 25% chance of earning Source of Life
  • There is a 12% chance that you will earn Blood of Ares
  • You have a 51% chance of obtaining a level 1 Resources Chest
Treasure Box
  • There is a 3% chance of earning an Excellent Dragon Coin
  • Players have a 25% chance that you will receive 2 Love Boxes
  • You have a 47% chance of earning a level 1 Resources Chest
  • There is a 25% chance that you will earn a Runestone Chest


The rewards that you earn during the Expedition to Egypt event is determined by the number of Expedition Points you earn. The more points you earn, the higher your rank will be, which means that you will receive more rewards.

Monarchs will essentially get the same rewards, however, the quantity of the rewards depends on your rank.

For example, if you reach palace 1, you will earn 400 Senior Resource Chests, however, place 4 only rewards you with 250 Senior Resource Chests.

Additional rewards include:

  • Sphinx Castle
  • Napoleon Gold Coin
  • Gems
  • Alliance Honor
  • Alliance Points
  • 1 Hour Speedup for Training
  • 1 Hour Speedup for Healing
  • Dragon Source Fragment
  • Tactic Scroll
  • Treasure Box

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