Evony: Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest

Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest event in Evony: The King’s Return has experienced some controversy, however, players still have a chance to earn an Epic Historic General.

Evony: The King’s Return invites gamers to take on the role of a lord or a lady in the medieval era to build an empire from the ground up.

Since this mobile game is based on the classic video game, Evony, you will likely experience similar features, mechanics, content and activities in both games.

The game offers players a wide variety of activities and features to enjoy, including a player-versus-player (PvP) mode. Though some activities may be locked initially, you can gain access to them once you have met the necessary requirements.

Players can construct new buildings, defeat monsters, and participate in occasional events, among other things.

Why is having multiple activities important?

It is essential that games offer players a range of activities to enjoy, as it should offer assorted content. This increases the chances that different people will find something they like in the game, and that they, in turn, will play the game more often.

Furthermore, you will enjoy diverse content as the game will not get monotonous and repetitive. That being said, the various activities also increase the immersion of the game, which makes the medieval era feel realistic, and players will feel like they are a true lord or lady building an empire.

Evony: Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest

One of the occasional events you can participate in Evony is Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest. During the event, players have to gather key fragments to repair the key. Once the key has been repaired, players can pay gems to open Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest.

Evony: Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest
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It is worth noting that you need a key every time you want to open the chest. The maximum number of times you can open the chest daily is 150. Players allegedly get numerous rewards from the chest, but the highlight is a Golden Historic General, and 25000 rune stones.

Gamers should note that key fragments and repaired keys can be dissasembled to get additional rewards. The event items disappear when it has concluded, so it is advisable that you dissasemble your items to receive the items before the event ends.

There are only 2 ways to obtain key fragments, namely, monster hunting and resource gathering. Players have to open their map and search for nearby monsters to kill.

Some monsters are on a high level, which can make it impossible to defeat them. Thus, you should try to find a lower-level monster that you can defeat easily.

Players can also gather resources such as stone, wheat, and lumber. You have to send out troops to collect these resources at specific locations.

It is recommended that you send catapults, as they have the biggest carrying capacity. This means that you will get more resources within one attempt if you send them.


To open the chest, you have to pay gems, as mentioned before. Keep in mind that the price to open a chest increases every 10 times that you open one. The price to open chests based on the number of times a chest has been opened is:

Times opened Cost
1-10 1600 gems
11-20 1900 gems
21-30 2400 gems
31-40 3200 gems
41-50 4800 gems
51-60 5300 gems
61-70 6000 gems
71-80 6800 gems
81-90 8000 gems
91-150 9500 gems

The total costs are thus:

Times opened Cost
10 16 000 gems
20 35 000 gems
30 59 000 gems
40 91 000 gems
50 139 000 gems
150 970 000 gems

Which rewards can players receive from the chest?

There are various rewards you can get from Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest, but there are different probabilities. The table below lists the high and low probability items.

Low probability items High probability items
·   5000 gems

·   Runestone Chest

·   Epic Historic General

·   Uncommon Cleopatra’s treasure

·   Common Cleopatra’s treasure

·   Rare Cleopatra’s treasure

·   Super Cleopatra’s treasure

Each chest contains specific items, which are as follows:

Uncommon Cleopatra’s treasure Common Cleopatra’s treasure Rare Cleopatra’s treasure Super Cleopatra’s treasure
·   10 000 general experience

·   20 000 general experience

·   30 medals

·   25 research stones

·   5 million food

·   5 million lumber

·   5 million stone

·   5 million ore

·   20 Dragon Crystal

·   50 Runestone Chest

·   Stamina

·   Treasure boxes

Is Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest event worth it?

There has been some controversy regarding this event in Evony, as some players believe that it is a waste of time. Even if they do not participate in the event, they use the keys to obtain super resource chests.

Whereas other players claimed that they received an Epic Historic General within the first few hours of the event.

Thus, some players believe that the event is well worth farming for fragments, while others disagree. That being said, it comes down to personal preference, as the event is not mandatory, you can decide whether you want to partake in it or not.

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