Evony: Art Treasure Excalibur

Evony players have to remember during Kong’s Trials that A Noble Crown Hall is not an activation requirement for the Art Treasure Excalibur

As a lord or lady of a keep in Evony: The King’s Return, you have to build an empire from the ground up. You can construct buildings, vanquish monsters, harvest resources and train troops.

Additionally, players can participate in several in-game events to earn rewards. Kong’s Trials require that you answer  set questions, one of which mentions the Art Treasure Excalibur.

Evony: Art Treasure Excalibur

Although Kong’s Trials will conclude on Tuesday, 20 June 2023, players who qualified for the Senior Trial can enjoy the last set of questions.

You can receive numerous questions, some of which focus on the game while others are general knowledge.

One of the questions reads, “What option is not the activation requirement for the Art Treasure Excalibur?” You can select one of the following options to answer the question:

  • A Noble Crown Hall
  • Knight Equipment Hall
  • Stringed Instrument Hall
  • Jewelry Hall.

Keep in mind that only 1 of the options is correct, and it is the Noble Crown Hall option. If you select this answer, you will receive instant rewards and a chance to be able to share 60 million Gems.

However if you select another option, you will get the question wrong, and you will be disqualified from the Senior Trial.

Evony: Art Treasure Excalibur
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Senior Trial rules

The Senior Trial contains 15 unique questions, which are randomly generated. This means that players cannot choose which questions they have to answer.

Unlike the Junior Trial, the Senior Trial features a time limit and therefore, you only get a specific amount of time to answer the questions.

If the time runs out before you answer the question, it will be considered a wrong answer, which means that you will be disqualified from the trial.

Asking for help

We recommend that you do not ask for help during the Senior trial as you cannot wait indefinitely for your Evony Alliance members to help you.

However, you can inform your Alliance members that you are attempting to complete the last Senior Trial and ask them to remain on standby.

This means that a few Alliance Members will be waiting for a question that you are possibly struggling to answer. If you follow this method, you do not have to wait long for your Alliance members help you answer the question.

Additional questions

In addition to the Art Treasure Excalibur question, you could receive the following questions:

  • What is the icon on top of Prince Rhaegar’s Helmet?
  • Where was Einstein born?
  • From what did fish evolve?
  • Which culture helps with construction?
  • Which General died from swallowing a deadly poison?

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