Evony: Research Stones

Evony players can acquire Research Stones by crafting the Research Factory and by participating in the Viking Challenge event.

You can vanquish monsters, build traps, train troops, recruit Generals, explore relics and harvest resources in this explorative video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

As you progress in the game, you can procure an array of items, one of which is Research Stones.

Research in Evony

In order to become stronger in Evony, you have to do research. Players can do research in the Academy as well as in the Military Academy. The Academy research contains 4 trees, namely Advancement, Defense, Military and Medical Aid.

To do research in the Academy, you need to accumulate gold. The Military Academy allows for research which is not available in the Academy, specifically to increase battle-oriented buffs and debuffs.

To do research in the Military Academy, players must procure gold and Tactic Scrolls.

The Academy can be built quite early on in the game, whereas the Military Academy can only be built when your keep reaches level 36.

Evony: Research Stones

There are many items that Evony players can procure as they advance in the game, one of which is the Research Stone.

These stones can be used in the Academy to research high-level Technology and also to build or upgrade your Wonder.

As you increase the level of Wonder, you will unlock various dragons, and the unlocked dragons will be in the Dragon Cliff instead of Wonder.

Additionally, you can craft Civilization Equipment and unlock as well as upgrade Civilization Treasure.

In order to research high-level Technology and upgrade your Wonder, players must procure Research Stones. These stones can primarily be earned by killing Vikings, but you can also create the stones in your Research Factory.

The Research Factory not only allows Evony players to produce Research Stones, but materials as well.

You can upgrade your Research Factory to produce more Research Stones and materials. However, you can only build the Research Factory at level 21.

Several players want to know when they should start focusing on Research Stone production as they do not want to waste resources too early producing the stones.

We recommend that you start focusing on Research Stones before you reach level 32 or level 33.

Research Stones really only become a problem when you reach level 33 as several Evony players have revealed that they always end up having more gold than Research Stones.

You can therefore start focusing on Research Stones when you reach level 25.

Evony: Research Stones
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Research Factory Upgrade Requirement

Every building in your keep can be upgraded and when you upgrade your Research Factory, you can produce more Research Stones.

But keep in mind that you need to upgrade your Keep and Hospital before you can upgrade your Research Factory.

The following table outlines the requirements for upgrading your Research Factory:

Keep level Food Wood Stone Ore
1 1000 1000 0 0
3 1800 1800 0 0
6 8600 8600 0 0
9 66000 67000 61 000 0
12 200 000 200 000 200 000 23 800
15 600 000 620 000 620 000 610 000
18 1 800 000 1 900 000 2 000 000 1 900 000
21 4 200 000 4 800 000 5 000 000 4 900 000
24 8 800 000 11 000 000 11 000 000 11 000 000
27 48 530 000 61 190 000 63 300 000 63 300 000
30 210 980 000 265 780 000 274 000 000 268 520 000
33 503 781 000 637 413 000 656 894 000 640 153 000

How many Research Stones do you need?

As you complete your research, you will unlock higher-level research factors that you have to complete. The higher the research levels are, the more Research Stones you need to complete them.

It is therefore impossible to know how many Research Stones you need in order to complete the higher-level research nodes.

One player mentioned that he is currently level 29 and only produces Research Stones every 2 weeks.

However, we recommend that you produce Research Stones more frequently to ensure that you have enough stones to complete the higher-level research nodes.

Viking Challenge

As previously mentioned, players can procure Research Stones by vanquishing Vikings on the world map.

Although you can produce Research Stones in the Research Factory, you will receive huge quantities of Research Stones by defeating Vikings.

The Viking Challenge is a regular event in Evony. It commences every Monday at 8:00 server time and concludes 3 days later.

For this event, you can choose between 4 difficulty levels, namely, easy, medium, hard and hell. The higher the difficulty is, the more rewards you will receive.

Although it is a solo event, you can ask for help from your Alliance Members. The goal of the event is to defeat Vikings to earn Research Stones.

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