Counter Side: Enterprise

Even though it is very expensive to construct the Enterprise in Counter: Side, it is an imperative vehicle for everyone.

Counter: Side is an adventurous mobile game that invites players to experience strategic role-playing elements. The game is set in the near future, where players can assume the role of the chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen. It is now your responsibility as CEO to give orders to Counters to fight horrific enemies in order to save the human race.

In your quest to save the world, you can make use of an array of units, also referred to as Employees, and ships to defeat enemies. Before a battle, players get the opportunity to create formations that generally consist of 8 Employees and 1 ship. Players should bear in mind that they might not be able to create a full team when they first start playing the game.


Ships can carry out important missions on the Battlefield and in Battle modes, depending on their type. If your ship is destroyed, you lose the battle, which means that you have to retry the fight. You can find various types of ships in the game, namely Cruisers, Assault Ships, Auxiliary Ships, and an Armored Ship.

Every type of ship has different movement ranges, which means that some ships can move further than others. Keep in mind that every ship has a unique passive skill, and it applies to everyone in the assigned formation. In light of this, you should carefully decide which ship you want in a team, as its passive skill can have a great impact on the battle.

Counter Side: Enterprise

Similarly to Employees, Ships are also divided into varying categories, depending on their rarity. The game consists of Normal (N), Rare (R) Supreme Rare (SR), and Super Supreme Rare (SSR) Ships. The strongest Ships are generally SSR ships, and the early-game Ships are Normal rarity.

Counter Side: Enterprise

The first SSR Ship you can obtain in the game is the Enterprise, which is the best general player-versus-environment (PvE) Ship. However, this does not mean that you cannot use the Enterprise in player-versus-player (PvP) gaming modes. This Ship allegedly performs decently on a fresh, new server.

Whether you want to use the Enterprise for PvP or PvE, you need to clear Episode 5 to unlock the recipe with which you can craft the Ship. It is recommended that you clear the stage as soon as possible, as the Enterprise can boost your team tremendously. The Enterprise’s skills are:

Skill Description
Passive Skill: Anti-Corruption Tactic It remarkably increases attack and hit for ally Counters and Mechs on the field.
Active Skill: Advance Solarpulse The Enterprise fires a special missile with improved reload capability that creates an artificial sun through a fusion explosion. It continuously pulls surrounding enemies and inflicts area-of-effect (AoE) damage.
Active Skill: Gamma Ray Burster The ship releases a jet stream through an improved black hole, which attacks all enemies on the battlefield and levitates them. Targets lose 30 percent of attack and defence for 8 seconds.

Enterprise’s statistics

Every Ship has the same statistics, but the number of statistics that they have differ. These statistics increase every time the Ship reaches a higher level, which essentially means that they become stronger. The table below highlights the Enterprise’s statistics:

Statistic Number
Health Point 129 333
Defence 2127
Hit 503
Critical Rating 498
Evasion 140
Attack 3156

What materials are required to construct the Enterprise?

Players need to collect specific materials to construct a ship, but some of these materials can be quite difficult to acquire. In addition to materials, you also need to have enough Credits to complete the building process.

To construct the Enterprise, you need the following items:

Material Amount required
Prime Ship Material 500
Heavy Covering 50
Special Ship Schematics 100
Credits 1 000 000

You can purchase most of these materials from the in-game shop, but it is advisable to keep an eye out for discounted prices. You can refresh the shop up to 5 times daily for free and you can use this feature to your advantage while collecting the required materials.

Counter Side: Enterprise

Is the Enterprise worth crafting?

It is clear that the materials required to construct the Enterprise are quite expensive. This has caused many players to wonder if the Enterprise is worth crafting. This ship is the tankiest craftable in the game and can be used for most of the game’s content.

Players can partake in Dive, Shadow Hall, Battle Support, Raid Boss, and the Challenge Stages with the Enterprise. Therefore, it would come as no surprise to say that it is a vehicle that everyone should have.

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