What does MPC stand for in gaming?

MPC in the gaming world stands for Multiplayer cheats, which refers to gamers using cheats to gain advantage in a multiplayer game.

When you first start playing online games, there are numerous terms and slang terminology to get used to. It can be said that gamers have created a gaming language to make describing terms in a video game easier.

The gaming language is ever expanding, therefore, it is difficult to keep track of all the terms. One of the terms that you may encounter is MPC, but not a lot of players know what it means.

Gaming terms

Although there is a vast variety of video games available, most of them use the same terms. The table below outlines some of these terms:

Term Meaning
AFK AFK stands for away-from-keyboard. Using this terms tells your team members that you will be stepping away from your game for a while.
GG At the end of a match, players usually type GG in the chat. Since the term means good game, it lets your team know that you had a good game and enjoyed playing with them.
Smurf It refers to a player with a high skill set in gaming terms who competes with players with low skill sets via a ‘smurf account’

What does MPC stand for in gaming?

Since ‘gaming language’ is always evolving, it is difficult to keep up with all the new terms that gamers come up with to describe certain features. One of the terms that you may encounter while gaming is MPC, which stands for Multiplayer Cheats.

Needless to say, it is unethical to cheat in a multiplayer game. However, some players still use cheats to give them an advantage in the game.

It is worth noting that cheating does not always mean that a player downloaded and installed a mod to get an advantage in a game.

Cheating also refers to bugs or glitches in a game that cause unintended behaviour, even without installing an external feature. It is noteworthy that the glitch or bug was not the developer’s intention and that it is an issue in the game that needs to be resolved.

Although it is a problem, many players use the glitch to their advantage. In recent days, cheating is centered around the use of external tools that modify the way the game functions.

Players generally cheat in a multiple-player game for 2 reasons, namely ego and profit. In terms of ego, you will find that players cheat because they lack the skills to be good at the game. Therefore, they use cheats to improve their skills.

Profit cheaters, on the other hand, are gamers who develop cheats for popular video games to generate an income. The popular cheats cannot be installed for free, and users have to pay to use them.

Which video game has the most cheaters?

Cheating is not only possible in multiplayer gamers, but in single-player games as well. However, it does not have that big of an influence in single-player games. According to SurfShark, the following games have the most cheaters:

Game Number of cheaters
Fortnite 26 822 000 people
Overwatch 9 279 829 people
CS:GO 6 706 182 people
CoD: Warzone 4 189 200 people
Destiny 2 3 238 809 people
CoD: Modern Warfare 3 157 700 people
Valorant 3 108 268 people
Doom Eternal 2 707 388 people
Apex Legends 2 312 400 people

Consequences of cheating in a video game

Most video games have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating. This means that if you are caught cheating in a multiplayer-game, your account will likely be banned from the game for a limited time period. However, if you cheat regularly, the developers may ban your account permanently.

In order to keep cheating to a minimum, most games offer their players the opportunity to find players who are cheating. CS: GO, for instance, allows you to spectate other players’ games to examine their actions.

If you suspect that a player is cheating, you can report the player to the developers, who will perform further investigations.

In-game cheats

There are several cheats that players can download to gain an advantage in the game. You should note that cheating is unethical in a game and that it can lead to your account being permanent banned.

The following table lists some of the cheats:

Cheat Price
CS: GO DarkAim (1 Month) $6.50
PUBG Macros $15
Valorant Private cheat $250
Escape from Tarkov Lagswitch $3.50

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