Elden Ring: Does arcane affect frost?

The Arcane statistic in Elden Ring has no effect on the Frostbite status effect, however, the Intelligence statistic does.

In this well-renowned video game, Elden Ring, players can explore the vast open world of the Lands Between and its 6 main areas.

These areas are explorable using your mount, Torrent, as the primary mode of transportation. However, you can also use the fast travel option when you are out of combat.

Before you can explore the areas, you must create and customise a character. After the character creation phase, you can follow the main story arc to progress in the game.

Each character in Elden Ring has a set of statistics, which determines your character’s performance in the game. One of the statistics that your character has is Arcane, and many players have wondered if it affects Frostbite, which is a status effect.


Statistics, otherwise referred to as stats, are properties that determine your character’s strengths and weaknesses. They also determine how your character is affected by interactions in and out of combat.

There are currently 8 main stats in Elden Ring, however, there are numerous secondary stats which all contribute to your character’s growth and effectiveness.

The main statistics include Vigour, Mind, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane. Keep in mind that each stat has a specific effect on a certain aspect of the game.

Stats are affected by an array of things, and they can be altered by your character’s level, the gear that they have equipped, and any active buffs and effects.

Elden Ring: Does arcane affect frost?

Arcane is one of the main stats that your character has in Elden Ring. It primarily influences the Discovery star, which increases your chances of finding items when defeating enemies.

This statistic is also used as a modifier for weapons that scale with the Arcane stat. This means that the effectiveness and damage of certain spells is improved.

Since Arcane can improve the effectiveness and damage of certain spells, many players have wondered if it affects Frostbite.

Frostbite is a status effect in Elden Ring. A status effect is essentially a buff or an ailment that applies either a beneficial or detrimental effect to the target.

These effects are triggered after a build-up meter is filled by repeated application of attacks that cause the effect. Keep in mind that players and enemies can have resistances to a given status effect.

Frostbite can be inflicted through various means, including weapons, skills, and spells. Once the frostbite meter is filled, the effect is triggered, and it deals damage.

Elden Ring: Does arcane affect frost?
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For approximately 3 seconds, the effect reduces damage absorption by 20 percent and reduces stamina recovery. This status effect is effective against most enemies that have flesh.

Since Arcane improves certain spells, players believe that it will affect Frostbite. Unfortunately, Arcane has no influence on the status effect.

This means that even if you have a weapon, skill, or any other source that inflicts Frostbite, the Arcane statistic will not improve its ability.

Which statistic has an effect on Frostbite?

The only statistic that has an effect on Frostbite is Intelligence, which is one of the main stats in Elden Ring. Intelligence mainly affects a player’s abilities to cast Sorceries, and it equips the weapons required to cast them.

Sorceries are a type of Magic in the game, which has a variety of effects. The effects include, but are not limited to, conjuring magic projectiles, calling down meteors, and attacking with blood magic.

It is vital to note that casting a Sorcery spell consumes Stamina. It may thus be useful to invest some points into Endurance.

Frostbite sources

Only certain weapons, spells, and skills can inflict Frostbite. The following table lists some of the sources of Frostbite:

Source Name
  • Dark Moon Greatsword
  • Frozen Needle
  • Ghostflame Torch
  • Icerind Hatchet
  • Death’s Poker
  • Chilling Mist
  • Hoarfrost Stomp
  • Ice Spear
  • Greatsword Ruinous
  • Wolf’s Assault
  • Adula’s Moonblade Explosive
  • Ghostflame
  • Freezing Mist
  • Frozen Armament
  • Ranni’s Dark Moon
  • Freezing Pot
  • Roped Freezing Pot
Elden Ring: Does arcane affect frost?
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How to increase Intelligence

Since Intelligence affects Frostbite, you should increase the statistic to deal more damage. The ability to level up the stat is unlocked shortly after you meet Melina for the first time in the early-game phase.

Elden Ring: Does arcane affect frost?
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Levelling up can be done at any Site of Grace once unlocked. The number of Runes required to increase a stat’s level increases with character level.

Elden Ring players can acquire runes by defeating enemies and bosses. However, certain consumables, such as the Fringefolk’s Rune, can also be used to get a number of runes.

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