Evony: Excellent Dragon Coin

Players can increase their Dragon’s level by feeding them Excellent Dragon Coins, however, these can only be obtained by purchasing Event Packages.

Players are invited to assume the role of a lord or lady in Evony: The King’s Return, which is a thrilling mobile game based on the classic video game, Evony. This means that you will experience similar content and features in both versions.

The game takes place in a fictitious world during medieval times, where you can build your empire from the ground up.

There are numerous activities and events you can enjoy in the game, although some features may initially be locked. Fortunately, you will get access to these activities once you have met the requirements to do so and as you progress in the game.

One of the features you can enjoy in the game is Dragons, but you first have to build a Pasture which unlocks when your Keep has reached level 21.

What are the advantages of having a Dragon?

Dragons are described as support gear that can be allocated to a specific General in order to enhance his or her abilities. By training your Dragon, you can get several benefits, which include but are not limited to:

  • Increased General attributes
  • Every Dragon provides its assigned General with unique buffs
  • Players can add buffs of their choice through refinement

The game currently has 8 different Dragons that players can acquire, and each Dragon can provide your General with a specific buff. Thus, it is recommended that you first consider their buffs before choosing which Dragons you want.

evony dragons
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Evony: Excellent Dragon Coin

Even though Dragons are regarded as a supporting gear item in the game, they can be trained and upgraded. After acquiring a Dragon, it will not be able to offer its assigned General any benefits and buffs immediately. Hence, players need to train their Dragon to receive and apply the buffs it offers to its General.

There are 3 methods that players can use to train their Dragon These levels are increasing the Dragon’s level, refining their abilities, and awakening their talents. Players can level up their Dragon’s level by feeding them, as this will increase its experience points.

It is worth noting that what can be given as food randomly changes every 24 hours. There is no a clear schedule of what the daily feed will be, but it could be any one of the following items:

  • Source of Life
  • Badges
  • Medals
  • Excellent Dragon Coins
  • Resources
  • Gold
  • Refining Stones
  • Materials

Your Dragon may ask for a specific quantity of Excellent Dragon Coins, which is a premium item in the game. There is currently no method available through which free-to-play players can acquire an Excellent Dragon Coin.

The only way to get Excellent Dragon Coins is by purchasing Event Packages, which are sold periodically during a special event which lasts 2 weeks.

These packages have a total of 5 grades, and every time you purchase one, you can buy the next grade of the pack the next time you buy. The higher the level of the package is, the better the items you will get in it; however, it also increases in price.

Event Package prices

Gamers should keep in mind that Event Packages can only be purchased with real-life money. Because of this, many players choose not to feed their Dragons on the day it asks for Excellent Dragon Coins, but there are also some players who choose to pay the money and purchase the Event Packages to receive the coins.

The following table outlines the stage, approximate price, and quantity of Excellent Dragon Coins that you can get:

Event Package stage Approximate price Quantity Excellent Dragon Coins received
1 $ 4.99 0
2 $ 9.99 1
3 $ 19.99 2
4 $ 49.99 5
5 $ 99.88 10

Example of experience gained from Excellent Dragon Coins

The experience points your Dragon will get once you have fed it Excellent Dragon Coins depends on a range of factors. An example of what players can expect is listed below:

Excellent Dragon Coins fed Experience points gained
3 42 000 x 10
4 56 000 x 10
10 140 000 x 10

Is it mandatory to feed your Dragon Excellent Dragon Coins?

Even if purchasing Event Packages to procure Excellent Dragon Coins may sound extremely tempting, you should take into account that it is not mandatory to purchase them.

If you do not, it means that you will not be able to feed your Dragon if he asks for food, but you can skip that specific day, as the food requests refresh every 24 hours.

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