Evony: Betting Coin

Players can use Betting Coin in Evony: The King’s Return to bet on which team they think will win and if the prediction is correct, they earn rewards.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous mobile game that invites players to take on the role of a lord or lady in the medieval era. You have to build an empire from scratch while defending your keep from attacks.

This game is based on the classic video game, Evony, and therefore, you are likely to encounter similarities in both games.

The game’s developer, Evony, occasionally hosts in-game events for players. There are numerous events that you can enjoy, one of which is Battlefields Betting.

Events in Evony

In-game events allow you to interact with the game in a new, thrilling way for a limited time. These occasional activities motivate players to reopen a game that they may have been neglecting for some time.

In an event, you generally have to complete specific activities or missions to get rewards. Sometimes the rewards that you obtain during an event can only be acquired from that event.

Therefore, it is recommended that you try to participate in every in-game event, though it is not always possible.

Some in-game events have a theme that corresponds to real-life events like Christmas or Halloween. However, Evony usually creates its own themes for in-game events.

Evony: Betting coin

One of the events in Evony is Battlefields Betting, which players can access by selecting the battlefield building. This building is located near their keep’s entrance. In the event menu, you will find the Chalons Betting and  the All Star Betting.

Battlefields Betting only opens during prime Battlefields. Players can bet on varying battles with Betting coins to predict the ranking of the battles. If your prediction is correct, you will be rewarded.

Evony: Betting Coin
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Bets open the day before each round of battles, and end when the battles start. After betting, players can view the rewards for winning betting in the Betting Log.

In the Betting menu, you will also have access to the Betting Shop, from which you can purchase items in exchange for Betting Coins.

You can acquire Betting coins from the weekend purchase event, from the story, and from Daily Activity. If you are interested in purchasing Betting Coins, keep in mind that they can only be purchased with Gems.

It costs approximately 2000 Gems for 100 Betting Coins, however, you can only purchase 100 coins 10 times.

The items that you can purchase with Betting Coins are indicated in the following table:

Item Description Cost
Popcorn Players will get a 12-hour speed up, 8 Rune Chests, and 3 Special Resources Chests 500 Betting Coins
Excellent Dragon Coin You can use it to feed a Dragon in order to gain 140 000 experience points 5 800 Betting Coins
Refining Stone Players can use it to refine equipment 10 Betting Coins
Senior March Size Increase This item can be used to increase March Size from a Rally Spot by 200 percent for 1 hour 2 500 Betting Coins

Chalons and All Star Betting

Each round of betting consists of 8 Chalons and 8 All Star Battles. Bets open the day before each round of battles and end at the beginning of the battles.

Players can choose 2 teams to bet on and predict their rankings. If your prediction is correct, you will win Betting Coins based on your betting ratio.

Moreover, you can switch the teams that you want to bet on before the battle starts. After each round of battles, you can view the battle results and rewards for winning bets in the Betting Log.

The name of the Alliance of each team in the Betting Log will show after the last round of battle concludes.

Can you view the Betting Logs if you did not participate in the betting?

Unfortunately, players who decide not to participate in a specific round of betting will not be able to view the betting log for that round. You thus have to participate in the Battlefield Betting event and bet on teams to view the Betting Log.

In order to place a bet in Evony, you can either select the “Chalons Betting” or the “All Star Betting.” If the battle is not active, you will be able to select your predictions for first and second place. You can also see how many people placed their bets, the prize pool, and how much you betted.

When does Battlefield Betting conclude?

At the time of writing this, there are 23 days left of the event. It is unknown whether the event will occur again, so it is recommended that you participate in it while it is active.

It is worth  noting that the Betting Coins will be removed from the game when the event concludes.

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