Elden Ring: Best Talismans for Mage

There are various Talismans in Elden Ring if you are following a Mage build, but Radagon’s Soreseal is considered the best in the game.

In this thrilling video game, Elden Ring, you can create and customise a character with which to take on the adventure of repairing the titular Elden Ring in order to become the Elden Lord.

The game is primarily presented through a third-person perspective, which allows players to freely explore a persistent world.

Before you can step into the fictitious realm, you have to choose a character class. There are currently 10 playable classes, each of which has unique skills and abilities that you can use during a battle.

Moreover, each class has to be equipped with specific gear to enhance its abilities. Many players wonder what the best Talismans are for the Mages.

Are there Mages in Elden Ring?

Theoretically, there is not a Mage class in Elden Ring, but you can choose a class and create a build to function as a Mage class.

The best Mage build boils down to your  play style and your chosen class. It is advisable that you select the Astrologer class if you want a well-rounded and powerful build, but you can also create a reliable Mage build with the Prophet Class.

Of all the classes, the Astrologer class appears to fit effortlessly with a Mage Build, and therefore, you should use it instead of the Prophet.

Elden Ring: Best Talismans for Mage

There are more than 100 Talismans in Elden Ring, all of which complement different builds.

If you are following a mage build, you can use multiple Talismans to aid you on your adventure, either by increasing your sorcery, shortening your casting time, or boosting your attributes.

Some Talismans are regarded as better than others, as they provide your character with better buffs and features .

The table below lists some of the best Talismans for those following a Mage build in Elden Ring:

Name Description
Ancestral Spirit’s Horn This Talisman restores 3 Focus Point (FP) whenever an enemy is killed
Carian Filigreed Crest The Carian Filigreed Crest ensures that the FP consumed when casting skills are reduced, which makes it easier for magic users to cast spells
Flock’s Canvas It increases the power of your Incantations by 8 percent. This Talisman is a must-have for any Faith character, especially if you use many spells
Radagon Icon This Talisman reduces the casting time of spells a lot, and it is considered one of the best Talismans in Elden Ring
Great-Jar’s Arsenal It increases your maximum equipment load by 19 percent, which enables you to equip heavy armour, or to use heavier weapons and shields
Graven-Mass Talisman It increases your damage by approximately 8 percent, which is quite useful when fighting end-game bosses
Marika’s Soreseal Marika’s Soreseal increases your Mind, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane attributes by 5 percent, which can influence your gameplay significantly
Elden Ring: Best Talismans for Mage
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How to acquire the Talismans

Every Talisman can only be acquired by completing a specific activity, or by interacting with a certain non-player character (NPC). The table below explains how to acquire each Talisman:

Name How to obtain
Ancestral Spirit’s Horn Players can get it from the Roundtable hold after defeating Regal Ancestral Spirit
Carian Filigreed Crest This item can only be acquired from War Counselor Iji.
Flock’s Canvas You can earn this item by killing Gowry in his shack in Eastern Caelid
Radagon Icon Players can obtain this Talisman from the Raya Lucaria Academy
Great-Jar’s Arsenal You can procure it by talking to the Great-Jar in northern Caelid
Graven-Mass Talisman This Talisman can be obtained from a chest atop Albinauric Rise, which is east of Consecrated Snowfield
Marika’s Soreseal It can be found on an altar in a room behind a fog wall in Elphael, Brace of Haligtree

Rankings of Talismans

As mentioned, some Talismans perform better than others, as they  have better effects for your character. The top 15 best ranked Talismans in Elden Ring are:

  1. Radagon’s Soreseal
  2. Erdtree’s Favor
  3. Radagon’s Scareseal
  4. Crimson Amber
  5. Magic Scorpion
  6. Radagon Icon
  7. Cerulean Amber
  8. Graven Mass
  9. Green Turtle
  10. Bull-Goat
  11. Roar Medallion
  12. Godfrey Icon
  13. Flock’s Canvas
  14. Marika’s Soreseal
  15. Great-Jar’s Arsenal

What makes Radagon’s Soreseal the best Talisman?

Radagon’s Soreseal is one of the best Talismans as it increases several statistics by 5 percent. Although it features a 15 percent Damage Negation, it is still an excellent Talisman to use, both in player-versus-player and player-versus-environment modes.

Furthermore, the buffs on this item are the equivalent of 20 levels. This means that you can save your Runes for more important items.

However, players that are reaching the soft cap of certain statistics should be careful using it, since it will cause diminishing returns. You can acquire this Talisman in Fort Faroth.

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