Modern Dead characters

In Modern Dead, players have a variety to choose from, as the game features 28 characters, including, David Lowry, Hans Arthur, Lindsay Clarke, Bianca Blair and Tatum Cartwright.

Modern Dead is a combination of an open-ended role-playing game and a real-time strategy game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world. In the game, players can manage different Alphas, which are rare heroes that the player should recruit. The Alphas use different kinds of weapons in order to fight mutants and Outcasts, to ensure the survival of the player’s stronghold.

The game features 28 different characters for players to choose from. Hans Arthur is a Special Operator, although, he claims to be a prison guard. As a senior commander fighting in the front line for the Liberal Army, his mother lost her life in a battle against mutants, while his father lost contact on an investigative mission on the surface.

In order to continue from where his mother left off and investigate the secret leads left behind by his father, he led everyone and walked out of the refuge, B7, altogether. Arthur now plans to begin an investigation in the new base of operations.

Tara Clark is a key member of the team that is guarding the B7 shelter. She is described as straightforward and determined. Clark believes that it is her life’s duty to kill mutants, as well as protect civilians and her one and only sister.

David Lowry is a rancher that led a free life with his two hounds. Every morning, he would light a cigar and go hunting. Even though he looks malicious, he loves his fellow man. After the virus wiped out the area, Lowry left with his hounds and found a region where survivors lived.

Henrietta Hyde is a well-known doctor in Modern Dead. Before the pandemic, she served with distinction in a rescue unit. Hyde transferred her family when the outbreak occurred and then went missing. She secretly joined a clandestine program to assist in research.

Additionally, players can also choose Clay Bryant, Lindsay Clarke, Russell Wright, Bianca Blair, Tatum Cartwright and Tommy Brant, among others.

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