Lumber Inc: Modern sawmill

Lumber Inc players can upgrade their factory to the modern sawmill, however, they first have to acquire 200 million money.

Players are invited to manage and expand a small sawmill business in this idle simulation mobile game, Lumber Inc.

The game revolves around completing orders, resource managing, hiring workers, as well as constructing new lumber machines. The objective of the game is to keep up with the demands of creating a lumber empire.

It is worth noting that you are responsible for various factors inside your factory, including sustainably harvesting trees, training workers, upgrading machinery, and purchasing vehicles, among other things.

Although you begin start with a small sawmill, you can eventually upgrade it to a modern one, which produces rough lumber.

Is there any way to skip the advertisements?

Similarly to other free-to-play mobile games, Lumber Inc has an array of advertisements. The objective of these advertisements is to generate an income for the game’s developer while providing the gamers with free products and boosts.

However, watching multiple advertisements can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can join the VIP club to permanently stop advertisements. You can only join the VIP club by making a payment of approximately $19.26.

Lumber Inc: Modern sawmill

Before you can upgrade your factory to the modern sawmill, you have to upgrade it to the medium sawmill. However, this will take some time, as you first have to meet the specific requirements to upgrade it.

Lumber Inc: Modern sawmill
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Only then will you be able to focus on upgrading to the modern sawmill. Bear in mind that all players start with the small sawmill, and they then have to complete tasks and orders to earn money. Money is one of the in-game currencies, and without it you cannot upgrade your factory.

Players also need money to hire and train their workers, and to construct and upgrade their machinery. It is thus recommended that you focus on completing the objectives, hiring, and upgrading workers and constructing machines.

At some point, you will get the task of upgrading your sawmill to medium. Once the upgrade process is complete, you can continue to complete objectives, upgrade your machines, and hire workers.

It may take some time before you receive the task to upgrade your factory to the modern sawmill, as you first have to construct a workshop.

Shortly after completing the first stage workshop, you will receive the task to upgrade your factory to the modern sawmill. Though it produces rough lumber, it increases your income by 4 times.

You should also keep in mind that constructing this sawmill costs approximately 200 million money and 20 constructing coins.

Once you have the necessary currencies, you can begin the upgrade process by selecting the factory icon, which is on the left-hand side of the menu. Players can select the build option to start the upgrade, and it will be completed within a few minutes.

Be prepared to start over

You may notice after upgrading to the modern sawmill that all your machinery and workers disappeared. This in-game feature requires players to earn back the machines they had before, at increased profits.

This means that you have to purchase and upgrade the machinery and vehicles you had previously. Furthermore, you have to hire and train each worker.

It is thus advised that you be prepared to start over with every sawmill upgrade. Each upgrade will make you earn money faster, and gain additional space for new machinery and equipment.

How to acquire money in Lumber Inc

You will occasionally receive orders from clients who need your lumber. Do not ignore these tasks, as completing them rewards your factory with Biz Points. Biz Points are a unique in-game currency that can be used to upgrade Managers.

While browsing orders, be sure to choose the ones with a VIP banner, as this is the best offer out of the three available orders. But keep in mind that you must watch an advertisement to receive the additional bonuses.

After completing an order, you can either watch another advert, or wait for the timer to count down to receive another order.


You can hire Managers to oversee the effectiveness of your lumber factory. In some situations, they will even keep the vehicle drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. However, this requires that you continuously open boxes from the shop.

The main objective of a Manager is to increase the productivity and speed at which your machines operate. Managers also help you generate bigger incomes and improve the technology of the machines in your mill.

To upgrade a Manager, you first have to acquire Manager Cards and Biz Points. You can obtain the cards by opening boxes, but to earn a box you first have to watch an advertisement. Biz Points can be earned by completing orders.


Although the vehicles in Lumber Inc may seem like a simple factor, they are crucial to the game. Without them, you will be left with tired workers. Vehicles move the wood from one location to the other in your factory, and your mill has 2 vehicles, namely, forklifts and trucks.

The trucks bring in the logs that your lumberjacks harvested, while forklifts travel from the debarking station to the canting station. Forklifts can also travel from the canting station to the resawing station.

It is advisable that you upgrade your vehicles as quickly as possible, as this will reduce the time it takes to travel between locations.

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