Call of Duty’s Judge Dredd skin

The latest season of Call of Duty introduced the legendary Judge Dredd skin, however, it is only available in Warzone and Cold War.


Call of Duty is a popular first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. It kicked off in 2003 and first focused on games set in World War II. However, the series has released games set in futuristic worlds, outer space and in the midst of the Cold War.

Cold of Duty: Black Ops Cold War follows Green Beret turned Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Special Activities Centre (SAC) operative, Russel Adler. Players see him take on a mission to stop a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) extremist group in 1981. The game invites players to assume a custom character for the campaign, codenamed Bell. Players are able to choose their intelligence agency, nationality, gender and personality traits, among others.

It is important to note that Call of Duty: Warzone differs from Cold War. Warzone features two game modes: Plunder and Battle Royal. The game supports up to 150 players in a single match, which exceeds the typical size of 100 players seen in other battle royal titles. However, it is still very similar to other titles in the genre.

This means that players compete in a continuously shrinking map in order to be the last player remaining. At the start of a match, players parachute on to a large game map, where they will encounter other players. As the battle progresses and players are eliminated, the playable area shrinks. This forces the remaining players into smaller spaces.

In the game, the non-playable areas become poisonous, as a yellow gas depletes health and eventually kills the player if they do not return to safe playable area. As opposed to other titles, Warzone has a greater emphasis on vehicles, and it introduced a new in-game currency mechanic.

Character death in this mode does not translate to player defeat like in other similar video games. Instead, Warzone offers a respawn mechanism, which players can take advantage of in multiple ways. When a player dies, they will be transported to the Gulag.

Here, they will engage in a one-on-one combat with another player. However, each player will be given the same weapon. The winner of this match is respawned into the game. Additionally, players can use the in-game currency to purchase respawn tokens. This will enable them to re-enter the battle if they are not revived by the Gulag mechanic.

The games’ publisher regularly introduces new content, events and seasons. One of the latest seasons, season five launched on 9 September 2021. It features various new items, quests, maps and skins.

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is a new Cold War and Warzone skin available for Operator Ingo Beck of the Warsaw Pact. It is believed that the skin takes on the iconic look of the famous law-bringer from the movie screen.

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How to obtain the Judge Dredd skin

Players can unlock the skin in Cold War and in Warzone by purchasing the Tracer Pack: Judge Dredd Store Bundle. The bundle costs approximately 2 400 Call of Duty Points. Players will obtain the new Comic Strip Operator Skins and the legendary Judge Dredd Skin for Beck.

Additionally, they will get three weapon blueprints: “The Arbitrator Rifle” assault rifle, the “Quick Judgement submachine gun and the “Lawgiver” pistol. It is based on the standard-issue weapon given to all Judges. It is important to note that no palm print is needed to operate.

How to equip the Judge Dredd skin

Players should remember that the Judge Dredd skin is associated with the Beck Operator. This means that players cannot equip other operators with the skin. It is advised that players navigate to the Operators tab in-game to find Beck. He is found under the Black Ops section. Once players find him, they can select the Customize button to set the skin.

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Players will then be able to see all the skins associated with the specific Operator. In the list, they can scroll down to Judge Dredd or Comic Strip and select it. In the Operator’s screen, they should ensure that they select Beck as their current Operator to play as him.

For the rest of the cosmetics, players should set those within the game’s menu, such as the Emblem, Calling Cards and the weapon blueprints.


Call of Duty is a well-known first-person shooter video game franchise. It first focused on games set in World War II, but it has released games in other settings. The game regularly introduces new seasons, quests, content and events.

The latest season of Cold War and Warzone introduced the legendary skin Judge Dredd. It is important to note that this skin is associated with Operator Beck. This means that players cannot equip the skin to other operators.

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