WoW: Fishing nets

Fishers in WoW have noticed that their fishing nets disappear after a while, so you have to ensure that you loot your fish before it disappears.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is an exhilarating video game that allows you to enjoy its content with players across the world.

There are countless activities that you can enjoy in WoW, however it is advisable that you focus on completing the game’s main quests. One of the activities that you can participate in is fishing, which requires fishing nets.

Fishing in WoW

Fishing is a gathering activity that can be enjoyed in all Azeroth’s regions. To fish, you need to find bodies of water to throw your bobber in, and hopefully, you will reel in some fish and valuable treasures.

Although fishing is not new, it underwent changes with the ninth WoW expansion, Dragonflight.

Your fishing rod is now considered a professional tool and equipped in your dedicated fishing journal user interface. This change improves your skill level, and no longer takes up space in your bags.

There is an array of fish that you can catch in WoW, and most fish are used as cooking reagents.

However, some fish have additional uses, such as Prismatic Leaper, which needs to be fished in special locations and can be milled or prospected by Inscription and Jewellery Crafting.

WoW: Fishing nets

At some point in the game, you will get a quest that you need a fishing net to complete. Although some quests provide the fishing net, some require that you craft it. A fishing net is provided for the A Bear of an Appetite quest.

WoW: Fishing nets
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Another quest, which forms part of the Dragon Isle questline, requires that you craft your own fishing net. For the quest that follows, Setting Your Very Own Net, players have to set their net in the water and wait for it to catch fish.

However, some players have revealed that the fishing net disappeared when they arrived at the quest location.

Allegedly, abandoning and starting the quest from the beginning does not fix the issue. It is therefore recommended that you do not abandon the quest.

Instead, you should look in the water at the quest location, as the net is already in the water. Once you have found the fishing net, which has a faint yellow colour, you can click on it to progress in the quest.

If you are fishing outside of a quest, your fishing nets could also disappear. One WoW player revealed that he set up 2 nets and they disappeared after some time. If you are experiencing this issue you should look for a sparkle on the water’s surface.

If you click on the sparkle, you can loot the fish that your nets caught. But keep in mind that you only have 1 hour after the timer to collect your loot. If you do not collect your loot in time, the fishing nets with the fish will disappear.

Should you wear specific gear for fishing?

If you are only fishing to complete a quest, you do not have to spend time acquiring specific gear. However, if you are fishing to catch fish in order to use them for cooking, it is advisable that you use specific gear.

Before you go into Dragonflight, you should buy The Broker’s Angler fishing rod from the fishing trainer in Orbibos. You can use this rod in the Dragon Isles to catch fish. The rod also comes with a large 15-point skill bonus.

Additionally, you can use Draconium Fisherfriend and Khaz’gorite Fisherfriend to improve your fishing skill.

WoW: Fishing nets
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Where to learn Fishing in Dragonflight

It is important to note that you have to learn fishing before you can catch fish. Gamers can find Danielle Anglers, a fishing trainer, near Wingrest Embassy in the Waking Shores. You can talk to her to increase your fishing skill.

Next to Danielle, you will find Waren Gearhart, who sells key fishing supplies. The items that you can purchase from Waren are quite handy and therefore, it is worth checking them out to improve your fishing skill.

How to improve your fishing skill

Fishing is regarded as one of the most fulfilling professions in WoW. Unlike other professions, there is no specific route to take for levelling up your fishing skill. However, there are some steps that you can take to optimize increasing the skill.

WoW players should ensure that they fish in schools of fish. This will help you pick up valuable items and better quality fish.

There is a specific item that you want to get for when you want to level up your fishing skill called Weather-Beaten Journal.

You can only procure this item by fishing in the Dragon Isles. Once you have the journal, you can read as it gives you the ability to track schools of fish on your mini-map. This ability will help you gain levels quicker.

It is recommended that you follow the rivers throughout Dragon Isles to search for pools. By following this method, your fishing skill will level up faster.

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